Newsletter Week 8 Term 4

Sawyers Bay School 9th December 2021


This is the final newsletter for 2021.

After a tumultous 2020, we looked forward to a year of closer to normal, however it has been another year of disruption, and often times, uncertainty. Despite all of this, the most important thing is that our children have thrived. I could not be more proud of the kids at SBS for the way they roll with the changes and get on with the business of learning alongside their friends. Spending even a little time in the playground with our tamariki, or in the classrooms is the best tonic. The children and teachers should be so incredibly proud of their achievements this year. I say this often, but it is definitely worth re-iterating that our children are truly what makes this place amazing.

A special mention to our Year 6 leavers. You are all incredible and we look forward to sending you out into the big world of Intermediate and High School. We know that you will make us proud.

Thank you to our parents and caregivers for your continued support this year and help in many aspects of school life. We know that it has been a case of flying by the seat of our pants as we interpret requirements on schools that seem to change rapidly. We do miss you on-site but hope to have you all back with us next year.

Thank you to the Board and PTA for all of their hard work behind the scenes. We always celebrate the big visual projects such as the climbing tower, but for every big visible project, there is always a huge amount of work behind the scenes.

Thank you to our wonderful staff. The teachers, Simon, Kyla and Rob really do give their all to the job and it pays off for the kids. They are an incredibly dedicated bunch and I really do appreciate all of the time and effort that you have put into making our kids lives and learning amazing.

Have a safe and happy holiday and we look forward to having you all back in 2022.

Ka mihi nui,

Gareth Swete

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  • Please note that children need to be picked up between 12.30pm and 1pm on Wednesday as our last day of term.

Term 4 Week 7 Certificates


Term 4 Week 7 Te Akonga o te Wiki

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Kia ora families. Wow, we can’t believe it’s Week 8 of Term 4 already!

What a fun week so far though! We started a building project with lots of help from Simon! Our Ginger Bread House is a great asset to the Library Corner. The children helped measure, sort lengths of wood, drill holes, screw wood together, and decorate. What a collaboration! The children were very excited to be allowed to use real tools! This week we’ve been learning to draw Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer. We quite like singing the song, and have some amazing art works on the window of our classroom to show off our drawing skills. During maths time we have been learning to work with others as we complete maths games together. Fabulous progress here Papatūānuku! Today's maths was centered around Santa’s Elves. We had food (represented by appropriate coloured cuisenaire rods) and plates for the elves. We worked in groups and had to divide their food up so each elf received an equal share. A bit of dramatic play combined with maths and teamwork, ensured all elves had a tasty meal. Our last Kelly Sports session this year was a fun session on how to use a badminton racket and shuttlecock. This was so much fun and everyone had a great time trying to earn points by getting the shuttlecock into the hoop or bucket. If you’ve got a spare racket in the shed, see if your tamariki can show you how they can use it!

As it’s the last newsletter for the year, I would like to sincerely thank you all for being such supportive whanau over 2021. It has been a fantastic, fun-filled year in Papatūānuku and I have enjoyed every moment of it. I wish you all a wonderful Christmas, and a restful summer holiday break.

Report by Mrs Campbell


What an amazing year it has been. The kids in Hine Rau never fail to amaze me in all that they achieve throughout the year. It has been my pleasure getting to know all these wonderful kids these past two terms. We have been super busy this week finishing off all our activities and have begun making some Christmas decorations to hang on our Christmas trees at home. Elf seems to be a lot popular at the moment so we decided to Elf ourselves and hang them up in our Christmas area. We wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from Hine-Rau-Wharangi.

Report by Mrs Brewer

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Our final full week of school is coming to an end. We have been busy putting the finishing touches on our tree houses with Mr Fisher. We have finally finished off our dinosaur parks by analysing our sales and creating a graph to see which attractions are the most popular and which ones weren't so popular. We have begun using the Engineering design process to design and create air rockets. Our mission: To build a bottle rocket that will go as far as possible in the sky to get Santa back to his sleigh. We have been learning about aerodynamics and the features of a rocket to help us ensure our designs will fly as far and as straight as possible. We have thoughts on how varying bottle sizes will affect the results, if water inside the bottle will help or hinder its launch as well as two different launch pad designs to choose from and will look at what air pressure is optimal. We have discussed how we will measure our results - current thoughts are to attach a string and measure how much was used for the flight, as well as timing how long our rockets are in the air for. Later in the week we will begin to test these designs and make any changes necessary before the final launch day. It is so lovely watching all the children working with their peers using all areas of the curriculum, alongside the school values to problem solve collaboratively.

A final note for our last newsletter of the year - I hope you all have a very safe, fun and merry Christmas break! Thanks for all your wonderful support during yet another slightly mucky year. We have managed to achieve so much and you should all be very proud of your amazing Tāwhirimātea children - I know I certainly am!

Report by Mrs Swete


Merry Christmas everyone,

As this is the last newsletter for the year, I have asked the students to help write this week's blurb.

It has been a great learning year no matter where we have learnt it! A huge thank you for your kindness and support. This week the students have had some choice in what we want to learn. After reading our all time favourite book, ‘Gangsta Granny’ they choose to learn how to ballroom dance. Again, this amazing class did a fantastic job! (see our class video)

This year in Ranginui we have learnt lots of new things such as bees, dancing, time, sunflowers, beans, singing, and learning all about ourselves and what we are good at.

A few of our favourite memories have been baking (rocky road), and PJ/dress up days and completing our passion projects. Ranginui has been full of laughter, curiosity, and enjoyment.

We are excited for the Christmas holidays, and our next year at school.

We want to thank all our supporters, who have helped us with our learning and our school journey this year and we would like to thank all the people who helped us with the new playground equipment.

Merry Christmas to All

From The Students of Ranginui 2021

Report by Mrs Ruzsa



We’ve made it! The end of the school year for 2021. A big thank-you to the families of Hinemoana this year for all your support in your children’s learning (and especially during another round of distance learning). Most of all though, a big thank-you to all the tamariki in Hinemoana! You guys are utterly amazing and I have felt very privileged to be your teacher this year. You have all put in a top effort and made some wonderful progress with your learning. I hope you all have a fabulous holiday break (you have well and truly earned it!) and a great Christmas. I look forward to seeing you all again in 2022!

Report From Miss Laing

Tāne Mahuta

It’s been exciting this week to see the students' Inquiry models come together even more! We are on the home stretch and most groups are now nearly completely finished. We are very proud of the different creations we have been able to put together, and when looking at our final models we can see how much our hard work and good communication in our groups has paid off. Next week we are hoping to share these with some of the other classes so it will be awesome to see what other people think of our models too!

Thank you Tāne Mahuta for a great year. Wishing everyone a happy holiday!

Report by Miss Tenci

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Sports News

This Week's results:

Touch Rugby

Team Awesome 5-4 W POD Kenzie

SBS Incredible W by default

Team Touchdown 5-8 L POD Liam G.


Year 3/4 2-1 W POD Quinn and 0-0 POD Liam H.

Year 5/6 3-1W POD Thomas

Community Notices

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