A Long Walk To Water

A Fantastic Book For All

Linda Sue Park

  • She is an award winning author with multiple book from a single shard to a long walk to water
  • Her writing is inspired by her Korean culture, and the experiences from others
  • Her first piece of writing was published when she was 9
  • She went to Stanford where she got a degree in English
  • Park later found her dream of writing children's books
  • Then she published her first book Seesaw Girl in 1999
  • She then kept on writing multiple books, her most recent book is Xander's Panda Party which was released on September 3 2013 (Park Biography)
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A Long Walk To Water

  • It is a book inspired by the story of Salva Dut, one of Sudans Lost Boys (Park Books)
  • The book takes place when Sudan is going through a civil war, and Salva is separated from his family, and embarks on a long journey to Ethiopia
  • The book has won multiple awards from the 2011 Jane Addams Children's Book Award (NY), to the 2012 Flicker Tale Children's Book Award (ND) (Park Awards)
  • Park actually had a meeting with Salva as he was explaining his story, she would type it out
  • Salva later started an organization called water for South Sudan to pay back to the community

The Impact and Meaning of the Book

  • This book brings out raw emotion, and shows two stories that show the meaning of family, friends, and life
  • You will learn about the struggles that kids in different countries are either going or went through at a point in their lives
  • The characters emotions will really get to you, you will feel their pain and their struggle
  • This book will bring out your soft side, Park will surprise you with multiple elements that's you won't expect