Battle of Marne

By: Shelby & Tiger


The first battle of Marne was September 6th - September 10th 1914. The second was from July 15th - September 16th 1918. More then two million people fought in the marne war. German troupes had a number of victories and invaded France through Belgium. British and French had retreaded to the banks of Seine River, in south of Marne. The French army launched an offensive against the German army. Chief Joseph ordered the French and the British to enter the gap between two German armies, leading to isolation. German came out with victory in the end.


Micheal-Joesph is the French general and Helmuth von Moltke is the Germany general
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Number of troops and casualties on both sides.

French had 250,000 casualties, British had 12,700 and the German lost 222,000.
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Technology used in the war. ^^


It resulted in an allied victory against the German army. It was a very costly battle for everyone involved and ended with France troops forced to settle for trench warfare that lasted the rest of world war 1.

A ceremony of the battle of marne

Real life stories from many different soldiers through out the war and the tragic things they went through.