Saunders County 4-H

April 21, 2017

In this week's Smore...

  1. Catch-An-Animal Pick Up
  2. District & State Horse Exhibitors- DEADLINE MAY 1
  3. Saunders County 4-H Internship Available
  4. Container Gardening Workshop
  5. Livestock ID Procedures- Updated website
  6. Meet the new 4-H Assistant
  7. Shooting Sports Practice
  8. State Fair Entry Fees- NEW
  9. New YQCA (Quality Assurance)
  10. Nebraska 4-H/FFA License Plates
  11. Wahoo Horse Show
  12. Babysitting Basics Clinic
  13. Special Garden Project Seeds In!
  14. Volunteer Rescreening
  15. Statewide 4-H Opportunities
  16. Rain Barrel Silent Auction Fundraiser
  17. Ag Science Expo
  18. Other Opportunities

Catch-An-Animal Pick Up

When: Wednesday, April 26, 2017 at 6:30 pm at

Where: Goat/ Sheep Barn on Saunders County Fairgrounds, Wahoo

Cost (Checks made out to Saunders 4-H Council) :

Meat Goat- $130

Sheep - $175

Pig – $175

Lottery style selection process will be implemented. You should have recieved a postcard in the mail if you signed up and we are expecting an animal for you.

**Please be prepared to take these animals home with you! That means bringing something appropriate to take them home in: carrier, trailer etc. Please also have a pen set up for them wherever it is that they will be staying, complete with immediate access to water and feed. More information will provided at pick up!

Another note: Exhibitors will ONLY be able to sell 2 animals in the Livestock Sale at the County fair regardless of how many Catch-An-Animals they signed up for.

District & State Horse Exhibitors!

REMINDER! Any youth wishing to exhibit at the District or State Horse shows must have the following completed by MAY 1, 2017 to be eligible to exhibit at the District or State Horse Show (No late entries accepted) :

  1. Online Enrollment
  2. Horse ID Sheets
  3. District Contest Entry form
  4. Level Testing paperwork
More information can be found at

Container Gardening Workshop

Thursday, May 25th, 3-4pm

1085 County Road G

Mead, NE

Master Gardener Colette Rathke will be providing a workshop on Container Gardens! She will be doing a presentation as well as a demo! Please RSVP by May 20th ! If we do not have 5 RSVP’s we will be canceling the workshop.

Cost: FREE

Who can attend: 4-H Youth

How to RSVP: email or call our office!

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New 4-H Assistant! Melisa Konecky

Please help us welcome our new 4-H Saunders County Assistant, Melisa Konecky!

Melisa is a lifetime Saunders County Resident having been born and raised on her families dairy farm west of Wahoo. Her family is also a longtime Saunders County 4-H family having had many family members involved with 4-H including her dad, Tom. Melisa was a 4-H member for 10+ years competing in multiple areas on a local, state and national level. She graduated from Wahoo Bishop Neumann and decided to pursue a degree in Agriculture. Having attended college at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, she graduated in 2014 with bachelor degrees in Animal Science and Agriculture Leadership. While in college she became involved with multiple agriculture groups including: Nebraska Pork Producers, Midwest Dairy, Husker Food Connection , and Nebraska Agriculture Youth Council among others. After graduation she took a job with Nebraska Extension working as a 4-H Assistant in Washington County. In her free time you will find her at home working on the farm, being with friends and family or reading!

Shooting Sports Practice!

Shooting Sports practice will continue on Monday evenings at 6:00 through April!

State Fair Entry Fees- NEW

2017 State Fair Livestock Fees

On December 9, the Nebraska State Fairboard voted to add a bedding fee onto the entry fee for all livestock exhibitors; the fee will be $15 for beef and dairy and $5 for sheep, goats, and swine. The Fairboard also voted to add a $3 per head fee for 4-H & FFA market animals to help defray the costs of drug testing. These costs are in addition to the existing entry fees that will stay the same for 2017.

The Nebraska State Fair continues to be supportive of FFA and 4-H and values all that youth and families bring the Fair; however, escalating costs for bedding, bedding removal, etc. have forced them to reassess their fees. They are also aware that there are other costs for families including DNA sampling and EID tags. While this does add a financial burden; hopefully, by knowing early, families can make appropriate decisions about nominating animals and their plans for exhibiting.

Based on 2016, the 2017 entry fees will be:

  • Market Beef - $18 now $36
  • Breeding Beef - $18 now $33
  • Dairy Cattle - $10 now $25
  • Market Meat Goat - $5 now $13
  • Breeding Meat Goat - $5 now $10
  • Market Sheep - $5 now $13
  • Breeding Sheep - $5 now $10
  • Market Swine - $5 now $13

The new YQCA is here!!

We are excited to announce that the new QA Curriculum called Youth for the Quality Care of Animals (YQCA) is now active. Anyone who has not registered for the LQA online course for 2017 should now navigate to the NEW online YQCA course at You will use your FAMILY 4HOnline login and password information to access the courses for the ACTIVE youth in your family. Only ACTIVE members will show in the drop down menu for access to the course. All registration questions with YQCA should be directed to There will not be local support for the YQCA program. All 4-Hers need to use the 4-H tab and not the FFA tab even if they are members of both organizations. There is a button for families that have forgotten their password. 4-Hers that have started their QA training in the LQA site will be able to complete their modules and print off their certificate of completion and take it to their Extension Office.

Nebraska 4-H/FFA License Plate

Source: Stuart Shepherd

Take your support of “Making the Best Better” and “Learning to Do” wherever you go with the new license plates showcasing Nebraska 4-H and Nebraska FFA! The Nebraska 4-H Foundation and Nebraska FFA Association in cooperation with the Nebraska FFA Alumni, have teamed up to create the first ever license plate supporting the two largest youth organizations in Nebraska. Similar to other organizational specialty license plates, there must be 250 applications received before the Nebraska Department of Motor Vehicles will begin issuing this organizational plate. Order yours today by filling out the application form at and mailing it along with the $70 fee to the Nebraska 4-H Foundation. Be one of the first 4-H and FFA license plate owners and show the world you are an advocate of these outstanding youth organizations. Show your support of using your “Head, Heart, Hands and Health” to promote “Premier Leadership, Personal Growth and Career Success.”

Special Garden Project

SEEDS ARE IN! If you ordered seeds for the 2017 Special Garden Project please come pick them up at the ARDC here in Ithaca!

Volunteer Re-Screening

Saunders County Volunteers are up for re-screening this year, so every volunteer must fill out the Youth Volunteer Protection Screening Form! This form can be found here:

Friends of Saunders County 4-H and Extension Foundation Silent Auction Fundraiser

  • Rain Barrel Silent Auction Fundraiser
  • Each Club can make one to donate to the Silent Auction at the Fair!
  • Rain barrel is any above ground container modified to receive, store, and distribute rooftop runoff for non-drinking uses
  • Clubs can construct (or purchase premade barrels) to prime and paint them as well

Ag Science Expo

Spend the afternoon on Saturday, April 29th from 12:30 pm to 4:30 pm engaging and interacting with science!

  1. 3-D Sand: Understand topography maps by playing in the sand.
  2. Nutrients for Soil: Discover the nutrients that let plants grow.
  3. Electric Flower: Build a circuit to make your flower glow.
  4. Print your Fix: Design and print your solution to a problem.
  5. Laparoscopic Surgery: Complete the challenge by designing a tool and conducting surgery.
  6. Code your Name: Use binary code to make a name bracelet.

For more information, please see:

Other Opportunities





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