Stop Genetically Modified Food

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What is it?

Genetically Modified foods are organisms whose genetic material has been modified for increased agricultural output. It is done by genetically engineered techniques.

Bad for the environment

Most of the organisms are touchy to many harmful chemicals that are used fertilize the GMO's, like dioxin. These chemicals can also breed bugs that are resistant to chemicals. These organisms can be very harmful to the environment. GMOs can result in unintended transfer of genes through cross-pollination, leading to unknown effects on other organisms.

Affects Farmers

GM helps farmers that are in MDCs but causes a negative effect on farmers living in LDCs. This makes the gap between poor and rich more wider.

Impacts Health

Another danger of GMOs is their potential to harm human health. Altering the genetic makeup of an organism could lead to new allergenic properties in it. Some plants, such as peanuts, have powerful allergens that can kill humans. If a gene of a peanut were used to enhance a more common food crop, such as corn, it might lead to a similar allergen which could have a severe health impact.

Greedy Biotechnology Companies

Since GMOs have the potential to replace standard crops, the companies that produce them and the farmers who are able to use them gain a lot of profit. This could reduce the amount of competition between farmers and give the companies that create GMOs greater power in the agricultural industry. Technologically advanced countries would benefit the most economically from increasing GMO production.