April 2016

Miss. McGrath's OLG Prep News

Happy April!

The month of March came and went, so quickly!

So many exciting events happened at OLG during March, Carnival, Easter, March Break and much more!

It is hard to believe that there is only three more months left of school.

April will sure to be an exciting month full of wonderful learning.



Grade 1:

The Grade 1 health class will be investigating, Oral Health!

Why it is important to keep our teeth clean, how we can do that, and all about oral hygiene!

Grade 5/6:

The Grade 5's will be focusing on alcohol abuse and the negative effects drinking has on the body.

The Grade 6's will be focusing on smoking/drug abuse and the negative effects smoking has on the body.

The students will learn about peer pressure, and how to say, No!

We will be focusing on the next couple of weeks about the short term/long term effects of each. Your child will be creating their own public service announcement about the realities of drinking/and or smoking.


We have been having a blast in Music Class!

We have explored:

~Different Dynamics (Forte, Piano, Mezzo Piano, and Mezzo Forte)

~Easter and St.Patrick's Day Songs

~ Ti Ti Ta (this will be continued this month)

~Creating their own rhythms and beats

From The Teachers Desk...

It has been a pleasure to work with your child this school year, and I am looking forward to an exciting last couple of months! Feel free to contact me at the school. As always, thank you for your continued support,

~Miss.K McGrath