Changes in the work place


Influx of workers from the EU- impact of this locally or across the UK?

Some people might think that people from other countries take peoples jobs because there willing to work for less. people from other countries do jobs that people from this country do not want.

Closure of businesses reducing the opportunity to work-what businesses have closed

HMV was closing down last year but its not now its because of people buying goods online for less money so if businesses keep closing down they will be less jobs.

Fewer jobs for life what is/was a job for life?

A job for life was a job that you could stay there till your retirement they was plenty in the UK for example mining jobs, steel works and factory's. factory's have moved there factory's abroad because the workers there work for less so its less opportunity for here.

Increased use of technology in the work place-implications?

For super markets they have replaced some checkouts for electronic checkouts so that means less people needed for checkouts and redundancy's.

Better higher level qualifications needed by employers what will happen if you don't have them?

You will have less chance getting the job then the other people who have higher qualifications because employers want people who have good math and English skills if you already have a job and with a low grade your employer may not want to give you a promotion.

Increase in the older population not wanting to retire?

This means that they will be less jobs for younger people and less opportunity for a promotion.

increase in service industries- are they well paid and permanent?

most times service industries are not well payed most of them are temp.

Effects of the recession on certain jobs sectors- what companies suffered

Retail shops have suffered the most because most people don't have the funds to buy what they want anymore or they go to cheaper options like amazon and eBay and other websites.

What type of companies are expanding and creating jobs locally and across the UK?

The increase of supermarkets are creating jobs for locals across the UK.

Zero hours contracts- implications?

Zero hours contracts are not good because you might not get the hours that you want and you will not have the funds to live and they can let you go at anytime because you do not have any employment rights because you do not have a contract.

You will have to ensure their skills and knowledge updated

Some work places require you to do further training what you might have to pay for yourself and many people cannot afford to pay for this.

You may not have a life long plan anymore?
A life long plan are jobs that you start at the very bottom and go up the carer ladder most carers do not have this any more employers look for quantification for there manager jobs you some people may have to stay at there job till there retire.

You might have to be more flexible

With zero hours contracts you need to come into work when they tell you and not give you much notice.

You might consider moving away or even abroad?

They might be not the right job for you or no jobs locally and that might make you need to move away.

you may have to consider doing an apprenticeship instead of further studying or university to save cost?

with the prices of university people don't want or can afford to go to university anymore apprenticeship are a more affordable alternative and you can get payed with one and more change of getting employment after.

explained how these changes might effect a career or life plan.

with employers wanting math and English qualifications and if you do not they may not want to promote you and stay at your low paid job.