Leap into Literacy

March/April: Kindergarten

Reading: Using Informational Texts as Read Alouds

Students should be enjoying books as readers before they are expected to write about them. Consider using various texts by author Gail Gibbons to activate your class’ background knowledge and spark their curiosity about many other topics. Create anchor charts to document patterns students identify through the use of these books.

Writing: Launching A Persuasive or Informational Writing Unit

Having trouble launching your new writing unit? Start the persuasive writing unit by having conversations with your class about different problems they see and how they think those problems might be fixed. Start the informational writing unit by charting your students' SCHEMA about specific topics. Consider modeling first through interactive and shared writing experiences, rather than having your students jump right in.

Remember it is important to take the time to carefully model and explain all types of writing so that our kindergarteners will be more successful when the write independently. Refer to the blogs Teaching, Learning, & Loving and Mrs. Jump's Class for more writing ideas in your classroom. Also, remember Crayons and Cuties in Kindergarten, which was mentioned in a previous newsletter, for additional persuasive writing ideas as well.