Evan M

What is weather?

Weather describes the conditions of the outside air of a certain place at a certain time. Weather can be bad, very bad, good or really good.

What types of weather is there?

There is rain, snow, wind, thunder, hail, hurricanes, tornados, humitity. And thats what weather there is.

When does weather change?

Weather changes when water evaperates. Evaperates means water on the ground goes up in to the clouds. The water in a lake also goes up to the clouds when water evaperates up to the clouds. Rain falls down from the clouds the more water there is, the more rain comes down.

How tornados appear?

Tornados appear when a hot and cold mixture of air starts chasing eachother and go's around and around and thats what is spinning in a tornado. Here is a example of a tornado that happend in 2011 and it was called Aurora.

How do floods appear?

Floods appear when it is raining and then the ocean over flows and comes on land and it can carry many types of stuff.