Gifted and Talented Program

Buffett Middle School

GATE Facilitator

Welcome to Alice Buffett Magnet Middle School – home of the Buffett Bobcats. My name is Rachel Howe and I am the Gifted Facilitator at Buffett. I look forward to working with you during the school year.

Alice Buffett Magnet Middle School has maintained an outstanding record of academic excellence. Students who attend Buffett are well prepared to meet the academic rigors of high school. Our mission is to provide a rigorous academic experience that is based on research and best practices and enables all students to achieve their highest potential.

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Goals of the Program

The goal of the Gifted and Talented program is to offer a differentiated rigorous curriculum by providing curricular and instructional adaptations that address the unique needs of high ability learners. At Alice Buffett Magnet Middle School, the program is organized to address these needs through a combination of the following methods:

o Differentiation

o Advanced Classes

o Contest/Competitions

o Enrichment Activities and Clubs

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How We Communicate

The easiest and most consistent way to communicate with the GATE students is through TEAMS. We have been using TEAMS since the beginning of the school year to share out information and to setup our meetings. Now that we are in the 3/2 Family Model, we will still use the TEAMS account to communicate and meet so that way all students, regardless of where they are, can participate! There are two TEAMS for Gifted and Talented. One is for the 5th and 6th graders and one is for the 7th and 8th graders. Here are the links to the TEAMS if you want to check out what we have been up to! You might have to use your child's iPad to get in.

o 20-21 Gifted and Talented 5th and 6th

o 20-21 Gifted and Talented 7th and 8th

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Changes Due to COVID

Unfortunately, some competitions and activities that we had in the past were canceled this year due to in-person restrictions. However, we are finding ways to make other virtual opportunities for our GATE students. Here's what we are offering this year!
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How to Sign Up for these Opportunities

We welcome interested GATE students to any or all of these activities throughout the school year! Interested students can sign up using the FORMS links below. Sending an email to me at as a reminder to go check the form would be extremely helpful as well! If a student changed his/her mind and marked "No" to an activity, but now want to join in on an opportunity, just send me an email! We will continue to add additional opportunities as they come up this school year.

o Gifted and Talented Opportunities 20-21

o New GATE Opportunities!

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Additional Supports

Along with the contests and competitions we offer other supports here at Buffett! In 6th-8th grades, there are Advanced and Honors courses for our Gifted and Talented students. These are offered in the content areas of English Language Arts (7th & 8th), Mathematics (6th-8th), Science (7th & 8th), and the Arts (7th & 8th). And of course, teachers in all classes differentiate within their classrooms to meet the needs of our high ability learners. They can differentiate based on content, process, and/or product. Additional finished early "mini-spark" monthly activities are provided to all teachers for their GATE students. These activities are quick bursts of high interest content in the areas of Math, ELA, Science, and Social Studies that the students can complete independently when their regular course work is complete.
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Gifted and Talented Identification Process

Do you think your child might qualify for Gifted and Talented Program? We would love to add even more students! The nomination process is pretty simple. Parents or teachers can nominate a student for GATE by completing a recommendation form. The form is only a couple of pages long. Once complete, send the form to or mail the form to Dr. Beth Maloney at TAC, 3215 Cumins Street, Omaha, NE, 68131. A committee will review the application, look up the student's academic performance records, and determine if he or she qualifies. Note the timeline on the recommendation form. If the form is completed by November 18, the student can begin receiving services in the 3rd Quarter! Pick one of the forms below to complete and submit!
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