2nd Grade News from Room 219


This week...

...was busy, as usual! Is there anyone who ISN'T bustling all around at this time of year? Along with our BIG music performance we managed to get lots done: We wrapped up bar modeling addition and subtraction in math - yikes...the test was VERY challenging. (Too challenging, in my opinion.) We made ourselves into elves & decorated our room. We began a new story, which we will continue into next week. We learned about computer coding & practiced doing it. Of course we worked on our Stores projects, too. The kids could give Santa's elves a run for their money. :)

There's a note coming home today that says Ripley School will be doing a food drive next week. When we decided to do that as a class instead of a gift exchange, I wasn't aware of the school-wide plan. We will continue as we planned, keeping our items under the tree until Monday the 21st, when we'll deliver them after school...followed by ice cream at Burger King. THANKS for the donations so far!

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Upcoming events:

Wednesday morning we'll be making our Gingerbread Houses. Thank you to everyone who responded so swiftly with donations via ClassMessenger. Those of you not using that tool, there's a note today asking for a product donation. Your child needs an ice cream bucket with a lid. You can send these in any time. If you have an extra or two, we'd appreciate it!! Let me know by Tuesday if you can come lend a hand.


We are in the midst of a Storytown story, so no RAH sheet this week. I'm sending spelling words to practice. These do not need to be returned. We're also at the beginning of a new chapter in Math, so I'm sending some fun review work, due Tuesday. Speak Up is in their homework sleeve, too.