Virtual Spanish Class Update

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Assignments in Virtual Spanish:

Dear Parents,

Our students have different kinds of assignments in their Virtual Spanish classes each week: Reading and practice assignments, writing assignments, speaking assignments and quizzes. As with regular homework and classwork, students only have one chance to complete their assignments well. So, it's very important in their Virtual Spanish that they take each assignment seriously.

It is important to mention that students get two attempts on their writing assignments and are encouraged to use both attempts.

Review and Goal setting:

This past week we worked with our students' online teachers to provide our students with the rare opportunity to revisit unit one's assignments during class. We will not be able to do this again, but it was done this past week for three reasons: Firstly, to help students that fell behind get caught up. Secondly, to help students redo any writing assignments that could help them practice their writing skills, and also improve their grades. Thirdly, to give students a chance to review and truly study the material that was covered in unit one, to solidify the skills they'd acquired during this unit.

We also conferenced with students individually and they set the following goals for themselves: To do every assignment to the best of their ability, not to rush through assignments, and to study before taking quizzes and exams.

We also discussed the importance of completing writing assignments well by following some simple steps: Writing assignments on paper first, having Mrs. Krajisnik review their writing next, typing it in, and then having Mrs. Krajisnik approve the assignment before final submission. We saw a marked improvement in our students' confidence and our online teachers also praised our students' writing efforts this week!

Spanish Materials

1. Students that have proven that they can be responsible with their class assignments and their class laptops will be receiving their personal laptops this week. So, students should be able to access their online Spanish classes easily from home or school now.

2. We will also be printing out each unit's online lessons to allow students and parents to see what students are working on, and to help students study.

3. Students are able to log on to Virtual School from home and we encourage them to show you what they're working on and what their grades are on a daily basis.

4. We also want to clarify that parents are welcome to help students study for exams and quizzes. We only ask that you do not assist them on assignments, or help them during quizzes or exams. An online assignment is viewed as an application of what a student's learned, so students need to do their assignments, quizzes and exams independently (without your help or the use of their notes). Thank you!

5. All our students need headphones or earbuds to be able to carefully listen to their listening assignments. Please send this in with your child, if possible. Thank you!

We want to thank our students and parents for their feedback about our Virtual Spanish classes. Our goal is to work with our students, parents and the North Carolina Virtual School Team to make this virtual experience as successful as possible!

We are very proud of the independence, responsibility and self-discipline we see developing in our students because of this class!