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"If the idea of the universe be presented to the child in the right way, it will do more for him than just arouse his interest, for it will create in him admiration and wonder, a feeling loftier than any interest and more satisfying. The child’s mind will then no longer wander, but becomes fixed and can work. The knowledge he acquires is organized and systematic; his intelligence becomes whole and complete because of the vision of the whole that has been presented to him, and his interest spreads to all, for all are linked and have their place in the universe on which his mind is centred. The stars, earth, stones, life of all kinds form a whole relation with each other and so close is this relation that we cannot understand a stone without some understanding of the great sun! No matter what we touch, an atom, or a cell, we cannot explain it without knowledge of the wide universe. What better answer can be given to those seekers for knowledge?It becomes doubtful whether even the universe will suffice. How did it come into being, and how will it end? A greater curiosity arises which can never be satiated; so will last through a lifetime. The laws governing the universe can be made interesting and wonderful to the child, more interesting even than things themselves, and he begins to ask: What am I? What is the task of man in this wonderful universe?" (Maria Montessori, To Educate the Human Potential, p. 6)

Welcome to Charles Ellis Montessori Academy. I am reminded everyday of the great gift I have been given to advocate for our children, to facilitate the development of their blossoming imaginations and to empower each of them to seek out their "Cosmic Task". Dr. Montessori often refers to the "Big Work" and indeed, given our circumstances, this is bigger than we ever imagined. However, working together we can all contribute to the task at hand and keep Wonderment and The Joy of Childhood at the forefront of all that we do.

I am here for you, humbling acknowledging that I may not have all the answers. Often I am stumped but I only have to look to the children and know that by following their lead I can continue on a path that guides all of us towards a brighter and hopeful tomorrow.

Peace Always

Ms. Tanya

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Device Distribution

Phase One

August 13 and 14

Chromebooks will be distributed to Erdkinder and Upper El students. More information regarding exact times will be available soon.

Phase Two

Our school is awaiting more devices from SCCPSS - when those are received, Phase Two of distribution will begin.

Athletics - Go Bobcats!

The district has cancelled athletics for grades 6-8. View the Athletics page of our Virtual Open House for a message from Coach Lesley.

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PTA is hosting a School Supply Pickup on Sunday, August 16th for any Ellis student in need of school supplies.

Donations of school supplies will be accepted until Friday, August 14th.

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