Wednesday Minis

April 29, 2015


  • Sig Nu mixer - Thursday 10pm
  • DKE darty - Friday 2-4pm
  • Phi Sig pregame - Friday 9pm
  • Sig Ep mixer - Saturday 10pm
  • Pike Darty - Sunday after chapter
  • Phi Tau See Saw - Monday (May 5) and Tuesday (May 6) 11am-3pm @ Ho Plaza
  • Senior Wills! - May 5th @ Llenroc
  • Seniors: sign up for: KD Field Days (May 2) and Wine Tour (May 20)
  • Kraftee's Book Buyback: May 11-15 9am-5pm @ KD house



VP Member Education - Madeline Ling (mel263)

enjoy the sun!


Phi Tau See-Saw:

  • When: 11 AM - 3 PM on Tuesday, May 5th AND Wednesday, May 6th! Double the fun with Phi Tau.
  • Where: Ho Plaza
  • Why: PCAA + SeriousFun = doing it for the kids. + philanthropic bonding with brothers!
  • ****Phi Tau thought it would be a great idea to have girls come over to their house this Sunday at 4:30 to help renovate/paint/fix up the giant see-saw. It'll be fun and I'll order food for everyone! You can sign up below.
  • Times are subject to change, but sign up to help with the see-saw here!

Kraftee's Book Buyback:

  • What: Every semester Kraftee's pays us to use our house as a hub for students to come and sell their books back. We get a percentage of the proceeds (which will go towards PCAA!) but if you are selling your books back, you'll get the same price the regular Kraftee's would give you.
  • When: May 11-15th from 9AM - 5PM
  • Where: Kappa Delta (109 Triphammer Road)
  • How you can help: Tell your friends! PC' 15 ESPECIALLY TELL YOUR FRIENDS TO COME SELL THEIR BOOKS BACK HERE! Since we are on North Campus most of our business comes from freshmen. Also, everyone else should come and sell their books back.
  • Stay tuned for a Facebook event!

VP Public Relations - Maple Chen (mc2225)

yo dudes just wanted to say sorry for forgetting to put lunch in letters in the sunday announcements, but as hannah montana once said, "everybody makes mistakes."

anyways kraftees book buyback is happening soon so start telling your friends and stuff and i'll let y'all know what else you can do soon!!!

peace, love, bbq lays,



Events Chairs - Ashlyn and Bridget

Hello Everyone!

I just wanted to share with you how happy Lakewatch was to work with us for formal! Below is a message from the owner after I had asked if things went well. So proud of you all!

"YES!! The event as a whole went VERY WELL. I was planning to email you as well as Katherine (Cornell's Panhellenic Advisor) to express how happy I was with the formal.

The mess was minor, the amount of nonsense was limited. We are thrilled with the reception from your guests and the courtesy in which they exhibited while here.

Thank you very much,



Hey guys! Please please keep filling out the survey so we know what kind of events to schedule for next year

Also please keep signing up for the mixers! We have less than 15 girls signed up for each mixer and that is super low, guys notice low attendance and that influences how much they will want to mix with us next semester, and they'll be sad. No one wants to make frat guys sad, so please sign up and come!

THURSDAY- Sig Nu @ 10pm rides from the house and Shwartz Theme: No theme!

FRIDAY AFTERNOON - Darty with DKE from 2-4 pm @ 119 College Ave

FRIDAY NIGHT - Pregame for Phi Sig's open party @ 9 the party will open up around 10:30 and the theme is Summer Music Festival! So break out your flower crowns, crop tops, and high-waisted shorts! (Or anything summery)

SATURDAY DAY: NO DARTY, Fiji Island is happening that day though and we'll find info on a time for that for you guys!

SATURDAY NIGHT: SigEp @ 10 rides from the house and Shwartz Theme: Fratalina Wine Tour! Get dressed up to go on a wine tour! Only it will be at night... and at SigEp lol

SUNDAY DAY - Darty after chapter with Pike!

This is the last weekend of mixers for the semester so please try to come to as much as you can!!!!

****Thank you to our awesome sober monitor volunteers! If you change your mind about sobering, please find a replacement!

Don’t forget about sober driving also! Leave your name and phone number in the sober column!


See you ALL there!!!!

xoxo socialz

Other Announcements

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Hi Sisters,

Rachel Ellicott and I are supporting Sam Morrison for student trustee. Sam is a devoted member of the Greek community, director of the social justice theater troupe Ordinary People, and an all-around genuine and hilarious guy. He also has big goals for the role of student trustee, including empowering students by increasing the number of students elected to the position and increasing accountability and fairness within the Board of Trustees.

Here is a blurb from Sam: "I couldn’t imagine my time at Cornell not being Greek. I care deeply about the Greek community, and that’s why I want to change it.

  • Medical Amnesty Protocol was written and reformed directly by the board of trustees, and unfortunately still Cornellians don’t feel safe calling 911. I would push to broaden and strengthen the protocol to ensure real abstention from punishment. It’s simple, students must be able to call and receive medical assistance without punishment.
  • Create a Greek student trustee. Currently, there are just 2 student trustees; I will return all 5 student trustees to the board, as it were in the 80’s.

I’m different from the other candidates in that I am the only candidate who will bring structural changes to the board of trustees. Increasing representation by creating more student trustees, establishing a third party review group to eliminate conflict of interest, and opening Ithaca board meetings to all Cornellians, are all institutional developments that empower student voices and will have lasting affects far beyond my time at Cornell.

I am also different in that I have never served on the Student Assembly or held class position. I am not a politician, and look to create art through community theatre when I graduate. This position is not for my resume or power, but to fight for students to be a part of conversations about decisions that affect them most.

I urge you to check out my entire platform at

And Facebook at

Don’t forget to vote!"

We support Sam wholeheartedly, and we hope you will too.

Love in AOT,

Claire Stack & Rachel (aka your favorite dynamic duo)