2015 year

by keyli ventura

What are three campanies that marketed themselves the best and why?

Apple: They were one of the best marketed because they had greated ways to show off the Iphone 6s that was coming out soon. They used celeberties in their commercial. The new color added rose gold made people want to buy it.

Nike: Nike not only marketed running shoes they started selling clothing they used bright colors differnt types of colors to catch your attention. They used many celeberites to averties their clothing.

PINK ( Victoria Secret ) : Pink used many colorful bright colors to catch teenagers attentions. For the fashion show they used selena gomez as a performer just as well as The Weeknd two of the most popular celeberties so poeple can watch their fashion show.

what are two of the best prodects that were intoduced in 2015

iPhone 6s: It was one of the best because everyone wanted to have thw rose gold iphone it had much better camara quality and it brought a better ios system.

Xbox One: it was marketed everywhere. There were commercial on Tv and on walls at the mall.

What were the top two musical artist of 2015?

Justin Bieber: He became one of the most popular singers at the end of 2015 becuase he started putting new sound into his music he did many colaberations with many big stars.

Bryson Tiller: He became popular because of the lyrics in his songs and the beat he used for making his music