E-Staff Weekly for 9.7.15

"Personalizing Education"

Quote from Mark Twain....

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Homeroom Mom's

Please let Tina know who you have selected to be your HR Mom’s this year. The deadline for the parents to respond is Monday, September 14th. The Volunteer Tea has been scheduled for Monday, September 28th in the Library from 11:30-1:30 and Home and School will be creating the invitation so it can be sent home with your students.

iPad App Approval Process

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Technology Help Tickets

Please discontinue the practice of including Cathy Cush and the Principal on HelpDesk Tickets for technology issues unless otherwise directed.

I understand that this was past practice. However, it generates three tickets,not one when this is done.

Pennridge Community Education Foundation (PCEF)

Application Periods:

1) October deadline: October 23 – submit applications / February – award grants

2) January deadline: January 22 – submit applications / May – award grants

Please see grant application that was sent on 8.28.15 from Dr. Scheid's office.

Peer Coaching Training

If qualify and are interested in receiving training to peer coach, please contact Lorriane Pento.

Update Grade Level and Department Websites

With the new school year upon us, I would like to remind grade levels and departments that websites should be updated to reflect new grade level members and new content. This should be completed no later than Friday, September 18.

Field Trip Reminder

All field trips should are paid for by our Home and School Association. Do not request monies from your classroom parents unless prior approval is given by the Principal.

SEL Training for New Employees and Employee

As we start the 2015-16 school year, there will be new employees who will need training on the Pennridge School District’s SEL initiative. There may also be employees who were on leave last year that should be included in this training. Please click on the link below to review the training materials. The following staff members must complete this by September 30 and confirm with Tina via email that is done.


Megan Lecrone

Kim Rendler

Brooke Drago

Lisa Amary

Kevin Feher

Suggestion Box

Just as a reminder our anonymous suggestion box is located in the main office between the two guest chairs. In addition, their is an electronic suggestion box on our website.

Arrival and Dismissal Time - PLEASE CONTINUE THIS WEEK

Please remember any staff member that doesn't have a morning/afternoon duty and is not a homeroom teacher, should provide supervision in the hallways during arrival and dismissal times during the first weeks of school. This will ensure our students get to the right place with little anxiety. Thank you for your help!

Email Signature

Please make sure your email signature contains the following:

  • Teacher Name
  • Grade Level/Department/Title
  • M. M. Seylar Elementary School
  • Classroom/Grade Level Website Address (if applicable)
  • School Phone Number with Extension Number to Classroom
  • “Personalizing Education”

Classroom Schedules

All classroom schedule are due to Tina by September 4th. Please send via email. Thank you!

SMORE Grade Level Account

If you grade level is interested in having a SMORE account to communicate with parents and provide instruction. Please let me know. I will purchase them.

Building Evacuation Drill

Thursday, Sep. 10th, 9:30am

Playground Fields

Please review your All Hazards Manual and review procedures/expectations with your students.

Happy Birthday to You!

CLAUDIA BALANT - September 11

CHRIS CORDELL - September 16

Teaching Resources, Inspiration, and Sometimes a Good Laugh!

"Did you here that...

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M. M. Seylar Elementary School

"Personalizing Education"

Education is a very personal thing. We at Seylar believe that every child has the right to achieve their highest potential and for them to be inspired, to dream, to be excited, and to have pride within themselves and for their school community. Our mission is to combine these beliefs with your child’s innate passions and love for learning to bring together a mind’s on approach, where students are engaged, challenged, and supported so they can achieve their personal best.