Start Lesson 10

きんようび (kinyoubi-Friday)- Apr 8, 2016

Today's Important Info:


You should be finished with Lesson 9 by now. WE START Lesson 10 TODAY.

*Please be sure to not get behind!

*L9 speaking guys were NOT supposed to translate your own sentences on your presentations. O_o (-_-)

☻ /

  • REMEMBER that NCVPS doesn't have a spring break, so please be sure to complete your work in time using the calendar! You DO NOT want to get behind!


Katakana Lessons!

Click here to learn about Katakana, as well as learn the stroke orders for each character by animation of letters. ^o^

Click here for ALL the info for Coaching sessions

ALL the info you need to attend coaching sessions, or make up coaching sessions!! ^o^