M-STEP Social Studies Prep

Here are some sites and videos that can help you!

M-STEP Social Studies

Because there is a wide assortment of information that could be tested, I have created this site to help refresh your memory of some of the things that could be on the test.
When I Say Michigan - Dr. Lodge McCammon's #50StatesAlbum

United States History

We have learned a lot about US History this year! The resources we have used are in the folders within our Edmodo group. It would be a good idea to go into them and check out the sites and videos that were used in our past units.

Last year in 4th grade you learned about US Geography, as well as US Government and the Constitution. These will be important to review as well!


The M-STEP will cover aspects of Michigan history, government, geography, and economics. Below you will find resources that can help you wake up those brain cells that were developed in third grade.
The Building Detroit Historical Game

You can enjoy learning about history through this interactive game.

History of Michigan: From Native Americans to Statehood

US History

In addition to our Edmodo folders, Mr. Nussbaum has a comprehensive overview of US history. He summarized US History on a timeline, as well as went into a bit more detail about different themes in US history.


Intro to Economics: Crash Course Econ #1
Three Types of Economic Resources: Factors of Production
Learning About State and Federal Government

This site summarizes the roles of the different levels of government, as well as has links covering all government topics.