Mythology around the world

By Jasmine Medina

Cupid and Psyche

  • The kings has three daughters
  • Two of them was beautiful
  • his youngest daughter Psyche was the most beautiful
  • people neglect to worship Venus, the goddess of love and beauty
  • she asked her son Cupid to to make Psyche fall in love with a horrible monster
  • cupid saw how beautiful Psyche was and pricked himself to fall in love with her

Egypt: Osiris and Isis

  • Osiris and Isis are brother and sister
  • Osiris fell in love with his sister
  • he was a husband and a bother to Isis

Phonenician: Adonis and Aphrodite

  • Adonis was a handsome young shepherd loved by Aphrodite
  • Persephone also loved Adonis
  • while hunting , Adonis wounded a wild boar, which turned around and killed
  • Zeus decided that both goddess should share Adonis for eternity
  • Aphrodite have him for spring and summer
  • the rest of the year with Persephone in the wnderworld

Persia: Zal and Rudabeh

  • Zal father abandon him when he was a baby
  • a bird with magic power snatched him up and raised him as its own nestings
  • Zal fell in love with Rudabeh the princess of persia
  • they got married
  • Rudabeh was ready to give birth but become very ill