Media Bits & Tech Bytes

May 2016

Microsoft Office 2016 Install

On Tuesday, May 10 Office 2016 will be pushed out to all teacher laptops. Please make sure the network cord is connected to your laptop and the wireless button is turned off on this day.

You will be able to use Outlook and other office products during the installation. The installation will be completed silently in the background and will require a restart when complete. Normally the installation takes about 2 hours and a pop up box should appear asking that you restart when the installation is done.

Digital Learning Day

The district has planned for a day of online learning to celebrate the success of all staff and students in the use of itslearning this year. The district would like students to participate from 9-10 am on May 18th, schedules permitting. This will concentrate network traffic and allow the district to get an idea of itslearning’s ability to handle our usage. You are welcome to create/implement any online activity you choose, but you are encouraged to post the assignment in itslearning. Resources have been created for each grade level and are available in the Digital Learning Day folder copied into our KMES Staff Information Course. You can copy these to your course for student use, or you can create something of your own. Collaborative projects are available for kindergarten through second grade classes. Inquiry projects are available for second through fifth grades. Encourage your students to bring their own devices to participate in the Digital Learning Day. Make it fun! This is a day of celebration!

Grade Posting

All standards based grading will be open Wednesday, May 11 and must be completely finished by Tuesday, May 24 to allow for printing. Numeric reporting opens on Wednesday, May 18 and must be completely finished by Tuesday, May 24 to allow for printing. Email Lisa Robbins as soon as your posting is finished.

End Of Year Technology Checklist

Technology Checklists will be placed in your mailboxes shortly. Please complete, sign and return this checklist, with your box of classroom resources, prior to 3:00 June 1. Please DO NOT attempt to unplug your projector. If you lose your checklist, please contact me for a duplicate form.

Unity Submissions

Please report any and all hardware problems with desktops, laptops or ActivBoards/Projectors as soon as possible. Email me first if you think it is something I can correct - this will prevent unnecessary trips out to our school. Our technicians can usually complete repairs within 24 hours and we would like to go into the summer with all equipment in working order.

F&P Testing:

Please make sure your F&P kit is complete before returning it to the Media Center. There should be no missing books. Also, all extra F&P copies should be returned to the Media center for re-filing. Thanks for your help in keeping all of our resources together.

Media Center Materials:

Students must return all library books by Friday. Teachers may keep materials as long as needed. Here are some things to keep in mind. If you are leaving Kelly Mill all materials must be returned to the media center, including textbooks. If you are staying at Kelly Mill, but changing grade levels, please return textbooks to the media center as well. If you are staying in your current grade level you may keep the textbooks in your classroom. ALL other materials with a Kelly Mill or Forsyth County bar-code need to be returned by the last day of school. We will print out inventory sheets for each teacher next week so you can see what you have checked out. Thanks for your help. Please let me know if you have any questions. - Rachael

Summer Passwords

Throughout summer, passwords will continue to expire on the 28th day after being changed. You have the ability to change your password through Outlook Web Access prior to the 28th day. You can change your password through Citrix even if it has expired. Additionally, the break room at the county office has a number of computers available for you to log in and change your password if it has expired. If you have forgotten your password it can be changed Monday - Thursday by the technology services department if you arrive with your identification between 8-5.

Itslearning Summer Access

Students will remain in their current courses throughout the summer. Approximately 2 weeks prior to school in fall Students will no longer see the courses as active courses, but will still be able to get to them through Archived courses. Please do not DELETE items in your course as this is the historical record of your work.

Summer Itslearning Training For Staff

Training sessions will be offered at the county level for experienced teachers as well as new teachers. Click here for a list of courses. If you would like to attend any of these sessions please sign up as soon as possible through PDExpress.