CFHS Senior Scholarship Seminar

Come learn more about starting your scholarship search!

Thursday (2/2) and Friday (2/3) during A shift of Power Hour

Join us in the auditorium during A shift of Power Hour on Thursday or Friday in the auditorium on Tuesday where we will offer great insight and advice on starting your college scholarship search!

Learn the Ins and Outs of the Scholarship Search

The world of scholarship searching is a big one. There are a few things to be said about searching, identifying, finding and applying for scholarships. Let the Cedar Falls High School Counselors talk to you about what you should and should NOT be doing when searching for scholarships to fund next years adventures!

See some of last years hardworking scholarship recipients

Guaranteed to be relaxing and informational!

What Will Be Covered?

- Use of the Career Cruising Scholarship Portal (Including all local scholarships)

- The Different Types of Financial Aid

- What It Takes to Receive Scholarships

- Types of Scholarships and Where They're Located

- And Much More...

Interested in more? Get an idea of what will be covered by checking out the Prezi down below.