Facts about The City of Tuscaloosa

  1. The Black Warrior Village has been in existence as earl as 1580 , although it was abandoned at times.
  2. The village was unoccupied circa 1750-1760 according to several historical sources.
  3. The primary native tribes of the area were the Choctaw and creeks.
  4. The creeks resettled the old village around1800s.
  5. BY order of general Andrew Jackson General Coffee and his men attacked the creek village in 1813 during the creek war.
  6. The village was burned as retaliation to the kidnapping of a Mrs. Crawly at Duck River, Tennessee, leaving few creeks in the area.
  7. The Choctaw Indians removed to lands west of Tuscaloosa, Although some remained in the area.
  8. By 1836 president Andrew Jackson had decided that all Indian Territory , a move which we all know as the trail of tears.
  9. According to several sources the first permanent white settler of the black warrior village was Thomas york, and family, who came to the area in early 816
  10. By late 1816 several families were in the area.
  11. The county seat was establish in the town of Tuscaloosa , which was incorporated By December, 1819 from the black warrior village.
  12. Tuscaloosa was laid out by Collin Finnel in early 1821 for the government.
  13. Lots were sold at auction in November 1821.

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