Stay Away!

Don't You Come to Indian Island... DON'T!

Don't Even Think About It!

Do you value your life? If you do stay away. There is nothing to see here. If you want to go to a nice beach area, go to South Jersey, because I don't think that your life is the price that you would want to pay just to come to an island that is not even that beautiful. I'd rather pay eight hundred dollars for a ticket to Cancun than to come here, almost knowing for sure that I am going to die. Yes... DIE!

Do You Value Your Life?

If you want to live a long, satisfying life, do not even think about placing a foot on this place unless you want to die in less than a week. The owners of this place is just freaky. Their names are Ulick Norman and Una Nancy Owen. If you put the initials together with the last name, it spell U.N. Owen. What does this sound like? UNKNOWN. Isn't that even a little suspicious?

Indian Island + You = Death

Never has this sentence been more true than when you start to consider coming down here to Indiana Island for vacation. If you have ever heard the nursery rhyme of the Ten Little Indians, you know what I am talking about. Just ask the people who did stay on Indian Island... Oh wait, you can't: THEY'RE DEAD!

And Then There Were None - Ten Little Indians