My first season was in seventh grade and I was the running back. I had a really good year for my first season of football. It was really of fun and I learned a lot from that season. This year I wanted to try defense. Now I’m a linebacker.

Scoop and score

It was 4th down 2 yards to go for Canyon Vista and our defense had been dominating the whole game and we needed to hold them right here. “Down, set, hut!” the receiver was in motion in the backfield. He gets the hand-off and then heads straight in to our “stonewall” of a defense. As he’s getting blown up by our defensive end I see the ball squirt out of his hands! I bolted over, scooped up the ball, and trucked all the way to the end zone


Hitting people is a sort stress relief for us. It gets us fired up and gives us a way to beat up on each other while we’re playing a game. In the game last Wednesday the quarterback came out to my side of the field on a sweep and I read the run early so I was already there waiting to crush him. As he turned around the wall of lineman, we locked eyes. He looked like he was about to poop his pants. I blitzed up the left side and laid a massive blow driving him through the ground.

How I feel now

 I have learned about my abilities in football and how fun it is from the past games. Now I can’t wait to apply what I have learned and have an even better game than the last one each and every time. Football and a really awesome game and I love to play it.