Coming Back Stronger

By: Carson Medlin

The Author

This book was written by Drew Brees and Chris Fabry. The book was written in 2010.


Drew Brees: NFL quarterback formerly for the Chargers now for the Saints.

Brittany Brees:His wife

Reid Brees:His Brother

Marty Schottenheimer: Chargers Coach

Seam Payton: Saints Coach


  • Austin, Texas
  • Purdue University
  • San Diego California
  • New Orleans, Louisianan
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In 2010 Drew Brees and his New Orleans Saints won the NFL Super Bowl but getting to that Brees had a lot to go through.As a kid Drew Brees had to go through a lot of adversity he was always picked on and his parents got a divorce and that taught him how to be strong.Drew Brees was barely recruited out of High school because of suffering a torn acl. Colleges really do not look at a 6'0" quarterback coming off a torn acl its just too risky. Brees was offered by Purdue, Kentucky, and Brown. Brees chose Purdue and it ended up being a great choice. While at Purdue not only having success on the field he had it off the field he was named an Academic All-American. While at Purdue Brees led his team to a win over Notre Dame and winning the Big Ten Championship. Not only having success at Purdue he also met his wife their Brittany. Drew got drafted by the San Diego Chargers and started six games into the season. He had success the next year winning their division and making it to the playoffs. The next season Brees was injured and broke his collarbone and was out for the season. Drew was then traded to the New Orleans Saints and was put in the game later in the season and did very well. Then disaster hit Hurricane Katrina tore through the city of New Orleans and caused a tremendous amount of damage. Read Coming Back Stronger to see how Brees bounced back and helped the city of New Orleans bounce back.

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I would recommend this book because its a great book and it tells you that you can fight through adversity.


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