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What do we need to live??

Inside and Out

We have a lot of things in our body that helps us live and we don't even know it. Nucleic Acids is us! Nucleic Acids is what makes us. Nucleic Acids makes cells and we have cells all over us and everywhere (at least on everything thats living). Cells kind of helps us with our heredity. Heredity is a trait that passes down from parents to a baby(brown eyes, brown hair, etc)! Every human needs energy and that is where Carbohydrates, Lipids, and Proteins come in!Carbohydrates is our main source of energy and a great example is bread or pasta! Lipids is also know as "FATS" and there are two types of lipids. Saturated fat and unsaturated fats, Saturated fats is bad and Unsaturated fats is okay. A great example is donuts!!! Proteins is a great way to help your body work and to have protein you should drink milk! While doing that evolution kicks in because you grow everyday, which causes homeostatsis which is trying to keep your body balanced (sneezing, burping, farting, etc..). And last but not least interdependence, which is depending on other things to help you live. Humans depend on insects and bugs and seed to eat. Thanks for reading!!! )