Analog and Digital Signals

By: Maddie Scott

Examples of their Technology

Analog: record players have high and low bumps on the vinyl. Whenever the needle goes over them, if the bump is low, it makes a low sound. Telephones have a converted vibration caused by the sounds of our voices in the electric current. A tape recorder has information that is recorded as quantities of magnetism on it.

Digital: CD players read the pattern of pits on a laser beam, which then converts into analog technology, which then converts into sound. DVD players are also kind of like CD players. not only does it produce sound, it also produces a picture. Computers when they put music on to a cd, they quickly read off the numbers of seconds of the music in 1s and 0s.

Differences of their Signals and Technology

Digital: digital has separate time signals. They also provide a constant and consistent signal. Digital signals use separate values to represent information.

Analog: this is a continuos signal. This signal is recorded in its original form. These signals vary in time and follow a non electric signal.

Technology- Analog: most like to be affected by sound/ noise. This technology records waves as they are. Analog technology is passed between devices to send and receive data and info.

Digital: this technology is a must for computer processing. To process the technology, they sample analog waveforms then recorders them into limited number sets. Less likely affected by sound/ noise.

Digital format should be used for the game

I would like a digital format because digital technology is in most things that we use now. We went from the record player to the CD player, or the telephone to the iPhone. Digital technology allows computers to transfer information to different devices. If someone were to transfer the game onto a different devise, it would be more compadable to use digital technology. Digital also provides a very good signal. The signal is very consistent and constant. It would less likely freeze up and start and stop all the time. That is why you should use a digital format.


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