Stellar Dots Newsletter JUNE 2015!

Recognition, promotions, incentives for June!

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Welcome to June!

We have NEVER had as many tools, incentives, and promotions to help us book strong, sell strong, and sponsor strong in June! Even after 6 years as a Stylist, I am always amazed by the marketing, the incentive programs, and the tools our home office gives us to help us reach out to our customers in a fun personal way. Our job is to bring joy and fashion to others in such a fun, unique way! How lucky are we to have hostess bonus days, another new stylist special and some fabulous trunk show specials! We also have Dot Dollars and some exciting news coming out tomorrow about Jamaica! (Did someone say something about points??) Spend a few minutes getting up to speed on all the exciting reasons you want to reach out to your customers today! If you don't reach out to them, someone else will! If your calendar is empty, and you are a bit worried about booking shows, you are NOT alone. Many of our top stylists are working today and tomorrow to book in tight and share all the fun and exciting reasons why JUNE is the best month ever to host a style session and join us as a Stylist! It's never too late to reach out and book in tight! I myself will be booking all afternoon and tomorrow because I want to take advantage of all the amazing opportunities in June! Join me and set time aside for what will always be the key to our business, styling women and spreading joy through fashion at our trunk shows! May this June be your BEST month YET! xo Shaina

Three AMAZING opportunities for you in June! Use our images to book in tight! Double your shows and double your income!

DOT DOLLARS are available through June 15th!!

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Join us in June and your entire $199 investment is refunded when you qualify with $1000 in sales within your first 30 days!

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Do you wish you had more time to accomplish your goals?

I loved this call from a very busy Senior Director Kelly Wenzel, who is a VERY busy mom of two, an amazing leader and Senior Director in our company AND she has a very full time job. How does she do it? Take a listen to her top 7 types in Time Mastery! You will LOVE this call!

Monday Leader call!

Click here to listen to our Monday leader call full of great tips! You don't want to miss this call for important BIG announcements! here

Congratulations to all of you who earned your Shine shirt by selling $1500 in May!

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Cynthia Briggeman 10,894

lucy wheeler 5,854

Michelle Busalacchi 5,494

Kathleen Whitworth 5,327

Amanda Vella 5,028

Samantha Ballard 5,005


Danielle Hollier 4,401

Karie Matthews 3,788

Heather Downey 3,739

Jane Reid 3,701

Linda Michalisin 3,616

Rita Riemer 3,590

Sophia Dalton 3,547

Liz Hansen 3,436

Lisa Arrington 3,385

Allison Birdwell 3,240

Heather Cooper 3,184

Jan Scott 3,041

Shaina Haller 3,018

Kim Campanelli 3,016

Allison Pierson 2,967

Kristin Himmelmann 2,885

Lori Tahsler 2,805

Bindhu Millar 2,754

Cynthia Dittman 2,746

Corinne Bruzzone 2,731

Margaret Taylor 2,720

Ivy Nagel 2,657

Kara Wood 2,622

Danielle Lau 2,591

Molly Hills 2,583

Marie Nicolopulos 2,532

Melissa Lucero 2,443

Kelly Crocker 2,443

Jennifer O'Leary 2,415

Angela Moore 2,409

CJ Forrester 2,408

Jennifer Peacock 2,385

Nancey Gerard 2,375

Jennifer Heinz 2,368

Mia Dalsemer 2,361

Sarah Waggenspack 2,344

Clara Cooney 2,341

Marisa Schwabe 2,340

Rebekah Boldrick 2,328

Ragan Edwards 2,321

Aurelie Erikson 2,319

Reagan Roberts 2,305

Melisa Esposti 2,302

Rinna Despi 2,300

lea buehler 2,298

Stacy Sanford 2,239

Nicole Ervin 2,238

Jennifer Finger 2,146

Kathi West 2,139

Laura Schnur 2,138

Mojgan Yeganeh 2,122

Gretchen Caraher 2,114

Solange Suarez-Gold 1,972

Eileen Phillips 1,933

Christine Young 1,926

Peigin Crowley 1,905

Rachel Bourgeois 1,886

Elizabeth Quintana 1,883

Jennifer Simpson 1,816

Jessica Crone 1,809

Shelly Nelson 1,792

Audrey LAIB 1,764

Elena Pyle 1,706

Kathleen Perez 1,703

Tamara Glavich 1,694

yen nguyen 1,669

Leah Edmonds 1,664

Nicole Knobel 1,661

Donna Meyer 1,649

Janaea Ebel 1,643

Kristy Poindexter 1,638

Camlyn Ross 1,632

Emily Klinck 1,630

Kristen Marcozzi 1,624

Leslie Zodikoff Angier 1,622

Rochelle Millard 1,598

Teoni Glarborg 1,580

Cassandra Russell 1,579

Colleen Mavar 1,577

Joann Brose 1,577

Aimee Fox 1,567

Lisa Branco 1,555

Sara Gross 1,546

Chris Zimmer 1,543

Jo Black 1,532

Sharon Clark 1,529

Tonya Large 1,526

Kristina Fox 1,523

Susan Smith 1,523

Stefanie Loop 1,522

Heather Whyte 1,518

Melissa Morris 1,512

Jennifer Ruby 1,512

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Congratulations On Promoting in May!

Congratulations to all our new Associate Stylists!

lea buehler

eloina mikeselll

Elizabeth Quintana

Aurelie Erikson

Jennifer Heinz

Jennifer Peacock

Melisa Esposti

Jennifer Maas

Jan Scott

Lisa Branco

Congratulations to all of those that sponsored and welcomed a new stylist!

Ivy Nagel 2

Pamela Wiltz 2

Cynthia Briggeman 1

Kathleen Whitworth 1

Amanda Vella 1

Samantha Ballard 1

Karie Matthews 1

Rita Riemer 1

Liz Hansen 1

Shaina Haller 1

Bindhu Millar 1

Danielle Lau 1

Kelly Crocker 1

Jennifer Peacock 1

Mia Dalsemer 1

Marisa Schwabe 1

Nicole Ervin 1

Jennifer Simpson 1

Tamara Glavich 1

Kristina Clecak 1

Amy Prince 1

Shar Katz 1

Cheri Moore 1

Samantha Frost 1

Sarah Tennyson 1

Nicole Ruiz 1

Top in Sales for June 2015!

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