Hound Dog True

Linda Urban

Book summary

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A girl named Mattie May just got to a new school. Her uncle Potluck luckly worked at the school and was a janitor. Their nieboers niece Quincey is a little bit older than Mattie and Mattie is on her rock writing in her notebook as Quincey is looking what she is writing. Then Mattie's Uncle Potluck shows her around in the school as a janator and Mattie takes notes about being his apprentice during reecess and helping out. But one night Uncle Potluck falls in a gohfer hole and hurt his leg.

So at school Mattie thought of asking Uncle Potluck to be his apprentice. Then uncle Potluck had to go to a meeting and Mattie tried to fix a door knob and tested it.

But she put it on the wrong side of the handle on and she was stuck inside the principals office and couldn't get out until uncle Potluck came back to help. So Uncle Potluck comes back and trick on a cord and gets surgery on his leg. Later uncle Potluck quits his job and Miss Sweet and Quincey come over for dinner.

Later uncle Potluck tells stories and Mattie's mom tells her they're going to move again. Mattie gets mad and goes to her room. So her mom says when she gets to high school. Eventually Quincey gets mad that she has to go the prom, because Miss Sweet puts makeup on and Quincey leaves the house. After that she sits on a rock and Mattie comforts her. Finally Mattie starts school.


Advice column

Dear Mattie, my advice is that you become friends with Quincey. I give you his advice because she is nice to you and you are to shy to say anything back to her whatsoever. she says hi and you say nothing. She just wants to be your friend. I can soon tell you guys will be good friends sooner or later.


I think the issue is Mattie has no friends. She just sits on a rock and writes in her notebook. But eventually she might find a friend. It's funny how Mattie tried to be her uncles apprentice. It has some humor in it like when Quincey spies on her.

Brock Burkholder

How did you feel about your book?

I liked this book because I like it how in the the beginning Mattie just sits on a rock and talks to the moon. Then she sits there and Quincey just watches her writing in her notebook. Then one day they meet that way. After that I think other people should read it.