Brady's wacky poems


Simple poems

I wish I had a yacht that was red

I wish I had a pet cougar

I wish I had a matte green jet pack

I wish that Isis wasn't brain washed to kill.

I used to run a lot

I used to go to the pool more

I used to hate school

I used to miss recess

I used to hunt for small game other then big game like deer.

-why does it put it under the rainbow?

-why is goes away so quick?

I wonder if trees will ever run out?

-how will we breath?

-how will we live on earth?

I wonder if we would have to find a new planet?

-What would it look like?

-what would it be like?

I wonder if lepercons are real?

-what if we found its gold?

-what would we buy?

Wake up

Get dressed

Brush teeth

Eat break fest

Get on the bus

Wait for school to start

Go to school

Go home

Go to track

Go to soccer

More poems

Justine Bieder is Justin timberlegs best friend and lives with beavers and eats wood.

George Washington, washes cars in short tight shorts and visits his own monument instead of looking in a

When you try skinny jeans for the first time. "Oh man"

Why are there so many back stabbing people, "foe" lie"

First words when a little person walks into mall of America, I'm short....