False Advertising in Supplements

By: Grant Falk

Fitness Supplements

Fitness Supplements are the new waves of physical exercise. They allow for the person to get the most of one's work out, but they come at a price. In the world of fitness, strength, cardio, stamina, and energy are all desired by the consumer. Fitness supplements offer some of these demands through chemicals and formulas but hide the side affects to come. These major issues of hiding facts and making false claims consume the industry.

Quad Mass 1.0

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Quad Mass

Quad Mass 1.0 is the perfect example of false advertising in the world of supplements. It says it will get a person ripped in a matter of a month while not harming the liver or pancreas. It also states it will decrease the body's natural fat. All of this unfortunately is a lie. Essentially it is one big steroid that a person consumes twice a day. This destroys the liver and natural hormones of the body. It does decrease fat in some ways, but mainly because anything that is put on is most likely muscle since it's a steroid.
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Stimulate Pre Workout

Stimulate Pre- Workout is the perfect way to destroys one's body. It is advertised as a pre workout that gets blood pumping and takes away from muscle strain. This all is actually true but with a hidden secret. The secret being it has 600 mg of caffeine per serving. This destroys the adreno glands and causes for major issues in the future. If someone takes this product consistently they can expect pancreas failure and possibly major liver damage.