By: Walter Dean Myers


I have chosen this picture because this is the picture of Steve Harmon on the cover of the book Monster. He is my favorite character in this book because he is the nice guy.

500 word essay

I have enjoyed this book, it was a mystery and sort of a sad story because this innocent kid was convicted of a robbery that he was not a part of. I would recommend this to anyone who would like criminal books and could pay attention because it is a very confusing book. The reason I would have considered this book confusing is that the book is written as a movie. So one person that I would recommend this book to is my mother. One reason I would have remotely thought of recommending this book is because she likes the criminal books and she LOVES to read books. I also feel she would like this because she likes books that will more likely become into books. The reason I would not recommend this book to my mother is that she does not like the involvement of drugs. She was very involved in them with her parents, she does not like the word or any of the drug names mentioned. I would also recommend this book to my civics teacher Mr. Makela. He loves books dealing with law. He was going to become a lawyer when he was younger but could not afford it. So he became a history instead. Anyways, I would recommend this book to him, the reason I would have done this is that he likes a good read. He does not read very many books according to his word, but the books he has told us about that he has read in his past were all about the law. He would read what the witnesses say to the lawyers. I hope if I do recommend this book that he would consider to read this book because I would say I enjoyed this book very much I hope that he would too. I hope after he reads this book he would actually pursue to become a lawyer for real and not give up. I would also ask my friend Andrew to read this book. The reason for this is that he is also wanting to become a lawyer, just like his mother. I feel if he reads this book this book he would like it because it is like reading a court case. He might not like this book that I would recommend him because the books he reads very simple books, he would not think this is a very simple book because he has a short attention span. That is one of the reasons I think he will not be one of the greatest lawyers. I would not ask him to be my lawyer in my court trial. I would hire my brother instead who I would also recommend this book to. The one reason I would recommend this book to him is he LOVES to read books like my mother and he has a wide variety of books, from comedy to Greek history. He would like this book very much because it would describe things that he already knows so he would have known half of this stuff anyways.


But there are also monsters in our community

I believe this is important because, its the title of the book and in the end he is not one of the monsters in the end as we find out he is inocent. Pg 21

Gideon's Video Info

This was a movie about a guy who was caught stealing in a pool room. HE was accused of stealing money, just like Steve was accused in the book. Later he went to jail and studied law and became very well known with the law.s. Steve also went to jail. At the end of this movie he was innocent, just like Steve was, that is why i chose this video for this project


This is the Court room that I imagine Steve and King were in. I see O'Brien and Briggs talking to witnesses. I see Petrocelli prosecuting Steve and King.


They take away your shoelaces and your belt so you can’t kill yourself no matter how bad it is. I guess making you live is part of the punishment.

I beleive this quote is important because he was in the rough times where he wanted his shoe lace or his belt to kill himself. Pg 59