The Eager Eagle

Weekly Memo for STAFF

Week of May 13-17: Have a great week!

What's Happening in the Eagle's Nest?

Out of Office

Maura will be out Monday and Wednesday. Streelman is subbing in 3rd grade all of Monday and in meetings most of Wednesday. Coach Ball is going to step in as active administrator both Monday and Wednesday of this week. Please call my office or use my cell if you need assistance from him. Thanks to Coach Ball!

Streelman will be gone Thursday afternoon.

Team Leaders

Our next meeting will be May 13 at 3:15 pm in the media center. I will email before then regarding end of the year plans, scheduling, etc.

Contract Hours

Please note: Instructional staff's contract hours are 7:45 am-3:15 pm. I have observed some arriving late and leaving early this school year. To ensure we all abide by our contractual hours, please schedule a time to meet with me if you have concerns. Otherwise, please follow the times. Thank you!

Grades Due

Grades need to be finalized May 29 to allow Mrs. Joy time to print grades for you. Awards will be due by the end of the week. I am meeting with team leaders Monday, then you will receive award sheets on Tuesday.

4th Quarter Awards

Wednesday, May 22:

8:30 am: 1st Grade

9:30 am: 2nd Grade

Friday, May 24:

8:30 am: 3rd Grade

9:15 am: 4th Grade

10:00 am: 5th Grade