Michael Phelps

By: Katie Kelly

Timeline (Vital Statistics)

1985- Michael was born on June 30th.

1992- His parents divorce, and he learns to swim.

2000- He competes in the Olympics.

2001- Michael becomes a professional swimmer.

2003- He breaks 8 world records.

2004- He was arrested for driving under the influence.

2009- Michael was photographed holding a marijuana pipe and suspended from competitions for 3 months. His book called How to Train with a T. Rex and Win 8 Gold Medals was also published.

A Special Person

Michael Phelps is a very special person. He probably is the most famous swimmer but that didn't come without hard work and time. When he was little, Michael had severe ADHD. It held him back from succeeding in many things like school, swimming, and other activities. This didn't stop Michael though. It actually helped him a lot! He started setting goals for himself and pushing harder for what he wanted to accomplish. Eventually he got what he wanted, to become a professional swimmer. He is also special to me because he worked hard for what he wanted. There wasn't a day Michael wasn't training, except when he broke his wrist and was suspended from competitions for 3 months. He put in the effort and through that effort came good things.

Effect on the World

Michael was one of the best swimmers of all time. This is the effect he had on the world. He will always be remembered as the all time swimming champion and Olympian. His effect on others was showing them that anything is possible because he overcame his "disability" and became one of the best swimmers ever. He will also be remembered as the best Olympian because he has 14 gold medals and six world records, which he achieved because of his hard work and training. Michael's legacy will live on because of his impact on the world, and his story will be told for a very long time.

Words Cannot Describe Him

Admirable- Michael is admirable because he overcame many obstacles such as his parents divorce and his ADHD.

Athletic- Michael is athletic because he is a professional swimmer and has competed in the Olympics since he was 15.

Determined- Michael is determined because he had to beat every goal he set and if he didn't meet them, he tried harder the next time.

Hardworking- Michael is hardworking because he trained every single day.

Talented- Michael is talented because he has 14 gold medals from the Olympics and hold six world records for the fastest swimming times.

How the Swimmer was Formed

There were many events and obstacles that shaped Michael's life. A few of them may include his parents divorce, his ADHD, him getting arrested for driving under the influence, and losing to any thing swimming related. The divorce and ADHD helped shape his life because if his parents hadn't gotten a divorce then he would have never bonded with his swimming coach, Bob Bowman, as much as he did, and the ADHD helped because he wouldn't even be swimming if his mom hadn't enrolled him in swimming classes to give him something to do. Both of these things were also obstacles he had to overcome. Getting arrested for driving under the influence because he learned that you need to take responsibility for your actions. Losing anything swimming related helped shaped his life because he pushed harder the next time to try to win or meet his goal.

Citation for Book

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