Russia Culture Fyler

By: Haleigh Johnson

Russian Celebrations

Ivan Kupala Day: It is celebrated on July 7th. It is also know as the Day of John the Baptist. It is a day that combines religious belief and Pagan traditions. This day is closey linked to the practice of baptism, this is mostly celebrated by children by dumping water on friends, family, or strangers. This is the official day to kick off swimming durning summer.

Parks or Amusement Parks

The theme park is called Magic World. Something fun to do there is to walk around at night at see all the different colors when the things are bright.

Tourist Destinations

Lake Baikal: Is the oldest and deepest lake on earth.

Trans-Siberian Railway: Is almost the longest railroad system.

Hermitage Museum: It was started by Catherine the Great in 1764. This is a big massive museum that holds over 3 million art and cultural items.