Effective Schools

Destiny Howell, Skyler Ross, Catheryn Adams

Whats important for parents to know when deciding if a school is effective?

Parents must understand a vast amount of information about a school to find if it is effective or not. This provides all the questions and qualities a parent should look for while developing an understanding of the school's effectiveness.

Teacher Training & Quality

Quality teachers are necessary to have an effective school. Parents should evaluate all that is provided to train teachers and administration. This information can be gained through teacher evaluations, student and parents opinions, and attending a class of the teacher conduction a lesson. Some questions you might consider are...

  • What workshops do teachers attend?
  • What process occurs when deciding on new teachers?
  • How often are teachers evaluated?
  • Do parents play a part in deciding if the teacher is quality?
  • How long do teacher typical teach at the school?
  • Do you allow students to switch classes if the teacher does not appear to best fit?

Other Information

Parents must ensure the school excels in all of these areas to decide if the school is effective. Other information they might consider is the funding of the school, the transportation resources, and any problems that have occurred at the school.