Writing Helps And Tips

Created and Designed By: Sadie Player

The 6 Traits of Writing

Six Traits Of Traits Of Writing

These are simple and easy ways to make your writing better and more enjoyable.


First of all, chose a topic that interests you and fits your assignment. It should also include details such as facts, examples, and thoughts/feelings.


Good writing has a clear and enjoyable beginning, middle, and end. The overall writing is is well shaped and easy to follow.


Some of the best writing reveals the writer's voice- his or her special way of putting things down on paper.

Word Choice

To have good word choice, try using both strong and quieter words, specific nouns and verbs, and of course, a variety of words!

Sentence Fluency

The best writer's essays flow smoothly from one topic to another. The sentences have a variety of lengths and sound good together.


This may sound boring, and it kind of is. "Conventions" is just a fancy way of saying editing.

Color Coding Your Essays

Conventions was the last trait, but this is another way to keep your writing organized. All you need is three highlighters: green, yellow, and red.
  • Green stands for "go". It represents the beginning and end.
  • Yellow stands for "slow". It marks the beginning of a new paragraph or transitions.
  • Red stands for "stop". It represents the information in the paragraph.

Writing T-Chart

This is a way to get your thoughts and ideas down on paper. The picture is one I made for an essay about success in school!

The Writing Process

The Writing Procces

  1. Brainstorming is where you think up a topic or other ideas.
  2. In Prewriting, you can use t-charts or other things that you want to use as things to write your ideas.
  3. Compose is just a fancy way of saying your first draft, also known as a sloppy copy
  4. Evaluation is where you look for things that need to be changed.
  5. Revision is where you either lengthen or shorten your story.
  6. Editing is where you fix everything, from spelling to capitalization, to numbers, to commas,An everything else!
  7. Publishing/Sharing Is, simply put, showing off your story.


These are special words used to transition from a paragraph or subject to the other.