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A coyotes ecosystem

Some of the population of coyotes live in small dens.They also live in deserts,grasslands, and foothill.

Is a coyotes a carnivore,omnivre ,or herbivor ?

A coyote is a omniver. Coyotes eat plants,animal,carrion,insects, small mammals, sometime deer.

Coyote Pup Demands

how can we harm coyotes ?

Yes, by feeding the coyotes trash we can kill a lot of coyotes. WE SHOULD NOT FEED BAD THINGS TO COYOTES.

What adaptations help this animal survive?

If it's cold the coyotes will make a home in the ground. The coyote will find a spot to dig in the ground ,for the ground is much warmer then on the surfer where it is cood

How can we help coyotes survive?

We can help coyotes survive by not feeding coyotes trash. We should not kill so much food that coyotes eat

do coyotes have any special behaviors?

No, for it will dig and make a home in the ground.

other notes

Ther are 38 species of coyotes. A coyotes can grow as long as 28 feet to 38 feet. Hight 11/2

to 2 feet .

Weight 25 to 33 pounds .

# of kids 2to 12.

Home North and central american.