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information and reflection about Joseph Case High School

Volume 13, No. 2 *** September 12, 2016


With seven school days under our academic belt, today marks the first FULL week of the 2016-2017 academic year. Since the first minutes of school, Joseph Case High School has prioritized relationship building as our initial focus this year. Complementing our mission, we also brand relationship-building on Twitter using the school-wide hashtags #1st3days and #casepride. Our first week of school ended on a positive note with an all-school pep rally celebrating fall athletes and artists, extra-curricular opportunities, and motivational opening remarks from our new Superintendent of Schools John Robidoux. Week two ended with our home football game opener where Case Cardinals defeated Bristol-Plymouth 43-14 to a packed house at Cardinal Stadium. Here's to looking forward to the joys of this week!

Open House this Wednesday

Our annual traditional Open House will be held this Wednesday evening , September 14 at Joseph Case High School. We begin in the auditorium at 6 p.m. for opening remarks by Principal McCann (calling it the best 30 minutes of your week!!), followed by a modified Day 1 schedule where you can attend your child's classes and meet our awesome teachers. The high school will also announce its social media expansion plan on this evening.

You can copy your students' schedule from the Aspen X2 portal. Counselors will be in front of the guidance office at 5:45 p.m., to distribute schedules if necessary.

Open House is perhaps the most important evening of the year. It is an opportunity for you to meet teachers face-to-face, received an understanding of the classes' academic adventures for the year, and begin to build relationships between these two important groups of stakeholders.

I'm hoping it's the best 150 minutes of your week.

Class Rings on sale

Balfour will be in the main lobby during Open House Night from 5:30-6:30 p.m. to take ring orders. After our annual Sophomore Ring Assembly during the first week of school, formal orders can also be placed during all three lunches on September 15 and 16. Sales reps will be available to discuss options and payment plans.

I try to wear my high school ring each year to the ring assembly. It is a Balfour product that lasted almost 40 years -- and still fits!

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New banners in the gym

If you are in the building on Wednesday evening, stop by and see the new banners that adorn the south-side wall of the Monahan Gymnasium. Thanks to our hard-working athletic director Andrew Crisafulli as well as Tom Santos and Eric Hajder of our maintenance staff for their due diligence in getting them up so quickly (and in last week's heat!).

Drop/Add ends

Please note that the close of school on Friday, September 16 concludes our drop/add period at Joseph Case High school. Level changes may be considered at the end of Term I in all classes, except Advanced Placement.

AP Kickoff on Wednesday

The second annual AP Kickoff will take place during Timeslot 2 on Thursday, September 15. Our in-school event will celebrate all students currently taking an Advanced Placement course that is taught in-person by a Case High teacher. Hosted by Mass Insight Education, we will honor students, faculty, and enrollment data increases. I have invited sophomore and junior classes to bear witness as well to this tremendous opportunity for ALL STUDENTS at Joseph Case High School. Thank you for taking an academic risk while being a high school student.
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Friday's Interdisciplinary Day: September 16

After the successes of our 2013 school-wide pilot event focused on Thorton Wilder’s Pulitzer prize-winning 1927 classic The Bridge of San Luis Rey followed by the 2014 study of Paulo Coelho’s The Alchemist and last year's controversial non-fictional work Zeitoun by Dave Eggars, Friday's annual interdisciplinary day is almost here.

For the fourth consecutive year, faculty members at the high school volunteered to read Emily St. John Mandel's Station Eleven over the summer in preparation for an interdisciplinary event in September. Teachers were challenged to come up with an activity linked to this dystopian fiction account of what the world may be like after a fast-moving plague decimates the world's population -- and its luxuries that we take for granted along with it. The novel also focuses on the role of the arts to bring relief in troublesome times. Some classes will spend the period focusing on the work; others looked for supplementary or complementary activities to be done in class, ranging from an entire lesson to one question within the given period.

By the end of the school day, Joseph Case High School will provide students with multiple opportunities to participate in and bear witness to a true, varied, collaborative and profound interdisciplinary experience.

Follow us @josephcasehs on Twitter using the common hashtag #CaseST11.

Student Information Forms

Updated student information forms must be returned to the main office as soon as possible. The forms were mailed to all case families in August. Blank copies are also available at under From the Principal's Desk. You may also stop by the main office for these crucial forms. Updated Student Information Sheet enable the school to safely contact you in the event of an emergency, inclement weather, or when family contact is needed by a teacher.

Last Friday night...

I was approached at the end of last Friday's football game by a recent graduate of Case High school. He handed me his phone, saying, "You should see what they're talking about on Facebook."

My heart left me. This usually is the way in which bad conversations have begun in the past.

The post was from a Swansea father who bore witness to a private cookout taking place at the tennis courts prior to the game. He cited their manners, the absence of foul language, and how they left the venue cleaner than when they arrived.

The post thanked the students, their families, and me, for raising such fine gentlemen.

The weekend brought a plethora of reposts, comments and retweets about this incident. I responded on Twitter that I was proud that #casepride extends beyond School Street.

How proud I am that good deeds can provoke a social media firestorm of positivity, that there is joy in celebrating when young people make the right decision, and that all stakeholders in Swansea benefit when relationships are prioritized at their high school.

Congrats to all!


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