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This Week at the Creek-One Week until School Starts!


Good day World Changers,

We are one week away from starting the 2020-2021 school year! Please take some time to review this whole post so that everyone knows what to expect for the first week of school whether you are in-person or virtual.

I encourage you to check the Azle ISD website for up-to-date news on decisions as they are being made as well as information about updated policies and procedures as they change due to COVID19.

Love and Light,

Mrs. Hanson

---Commitment Information---

Families were asked to commit to virtual or face to face instruction for the 1st six weeks. If you selected virtual instruction your child will be working from home the 1st six weeks.

Virtual First Day Begins:

August 18th, 2020

End of 1st Six Weeks:

September 25th, 2020

If you request to come back to in-person classes for the second six weeks this information is due on or before September 11th, 2020 at 4PM.

I have so many questions....who can talk to?

Registration help and other questions: 817-444-4045 Walnut Creek Hours 7:45-3:15PM

Nurse: Samantha Bachman R.N.

School Supplies: Amy Yelle, Counselor

Will my child need an iPad if they are coming to school for in-person learning?

Yes, please plan to pick up your child's iPad whether you are in-person or virtual this Tuesday, Aug. 11th at Walnut Creek 9-4PM. Drive through the loop and please make sure to have your child's ID number ready. Your child's iPad is assigned to them and will need to be brought to and from school each day. Please make sure to charge it nightly so that it will be ready for the next day in class.

Who is my child's teacher this year?

Wednesday, August 12th:

You will receive an email from your child's teacher after 2PM on Wednesday. SAVE this email. This email will include VERY important information which includes the following:

  • A Temporary Car Tag to pick up your child the first day of school
  • Information about expectations for virtual instruction
  • Information about your child's teacher as well as a welcome video
  • An invitation to a Google Meet for Monday, August 17th, 4:30-5:30PM for your child to log in and say hello to their teacher.

****If you do not receive an email from your child's teacher you may not have re-enrolled your child online. In order to be placed in a class you must have re-enrolled online and uploaded a current proof of residency. If you didn't get an email on Wednesday, please call the school on Thursday, August 13th, 2020 8-4PM.

What does the first day look like this year? **See below STAGGERED START times***

*Important information about the first day:

  • Please DO NOT park, no one will be permitted to walk up to the doors due to social distancing guidelines. We will ask you to go back to your car and go through the line
  • Please come at your assigned time so that we can practice safe social distancing to start the first day
  • Please stay in vehicle
  • A WC staff member will walk up to your vehicle and pass you a slip of paper and pencil, please fill out the information for your child and have it ready for when it is time to unload
  • Make sure your child has a mask on for exiting the car
  • We will have your child take the paper slip with them so that WC staff can help guide them to their classes accurately and safely
  • We want to make sure this process is comfortable and smooth for our kiddos, so we encourage you to drive through maybe in the evening or this weekend and practice.
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What time does school start daily?


What time does school dismiss daily?


Students need to be picked up on time daily.

Please be patient the first few days of school.

What will school like with COVID19 requirements for in-person learning?

Will my child be able to bring a water bottle?

Yes, we encourage your child to bring a water bottle. Our water fountains will be closed but our filtered water bottle filling stations will be available to fill your child's water bottle.

What about lunch time?

Your child will be eating lunch in his or her classroom. Students can still order from the cafeteria and have a choice from items that will be taken back to the classroom. It might be beneficial for this year to send a paper sack lunch with your child each day. This will keep germs from coming back home each day from school.

What if I need to pick up my child early for a doctor's appointment?

● If parents/guardians need to sign their child out early from school for an appointment or because they are ill, they will ring the bell at the front door.

● Office staff will verify the identity of the parent/guardian and ask them to wait outside for their child to be sent down from the classroom and out to the parent. The office staff will bring the sign out sheet to the parent to sign.

What if I need to talk to the nurse about my child's needs?

Please email nurse Samantha Bachman about your child's needs:

Please make sure to include your child's name and grade level in the email.

Where do I find requirements for virtual students?

If my child is doing online learning will they be on a device for 7 hours a day?


No, not at all

  • Attendance is required DAILY during online learning, and will be taken based off multiple modes of participation daily: Daily progress on Seesaw (PK-Grade 2) or daily progress in Canvas (Grades 3-5), and/or Student participation and attendance in daily Google Meets, and/or Progress made on Education Galaxy. Your child MUST participate in at least one of these to earn attendance credit for the day.
  • Grades will be taken during online learning. (They will not be pass/fail like last Spring.)

Sample Schedule for Online Learning---Will change based off teachers conference and planning schedules :

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Azle ISD Virtual Student Resources and Extras!

Walnut Creek Azle ISD Webpage:

  • Head to the ClassLink on Walnut Creek home page.
  • If you need help with usernames and passwords please email your child's teacher. Walnut Creek Teacher Directory
  • Once you are on Classlink your child can gain access into their online classroom. This will take you to Seesaw for teachers who have Seesaw classrooms, and Canvas Classrooms for those who have CanvasClassrooms.
  • For Seesaw users with iPads, you will use the Seesaw app.
  • For Music and PE for all students-you will see these classes in your child's Seesaw and Canvas homeroom classrooms.
  • At this point if you need help in the online classroom please reach out to your teacher first for online help. Here is the directory for teacher contacts:
  • Walnut Creek Teacher Directory

Reading Learning:

Math Learning:


  • - web application that will let you enter a list of students, and then choose a pre-defined list of math facts worksheets. You can then track the daily performance of students as they complete each worksheet, and when they're ready you can pass them to the next level.

  • - website that has pre-made puzzles that you can print and share anytime. But you can also make your own custom word search puzzles for specific topics that you are currently teaching your class.

PE: Coach McDorman's Recommendations---------------

Music: Mrs. Marchand's Recommendations------------------

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