Every Animal Has A Story To Tell

5th grade animal pbl

Our guiding question

How can we, as 5th grade biologists, advocate for an animal and inspire others to develop an awareness and appreciation for the animal we study?


Today's Speakers


Lauren has patiently observed the habits of Flitter the hummingbird who lives in her backyard. She has created a comprehensive slide show about what she has learned over the last few weeks.


Rebekah used her original art work to create a movie to share her knowledge of squirrel monkeys.
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Clara and Anna

Clara and Anna have a fun presentation about elephants. Bloopers included!
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Necessary Support

  • Our administrators provide each team with two half day planning sessions
  • The Buck Institute for Educators
  • The freedom to Fail Forward
  • Time to fully develop our PBLs
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Do you have questions? We have answers

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