The Diagnosis of Aunt Jill

was anesthesia the cause of her death?

crime scene

On Monday morning aunt Jill went had hip surgery performed. what was supposed to be a simple procedure, turned out to be a disaster. Aunt Jill never woke up! how did this disaster occur you might ask? were here to investigate if the anesthesiologist killed Aunt Jill, or if their innocent.


The amount of anesthesia used to put patients under for surgery must be less than 40%.To test the amount of anesthesia we used technology called a Colorimeter to monitor the light received by the photocell as either an absorbance or a percent transmittance value. The amount of light that penetrates the solution and strikes the photocell is used to compute the absorbance of each solution. The concentration of the anesthesia solution is then determined by measuring its absorbance with the Colorimeter.

how we made a precent solution

To make the solution to compare it to the anesthesia that the anesthesiologist used we first cleaned out the cuvettes and dropper, then made a 20% solution by filling the cuvette with the green dye mixture to the 2 milliliter mark. To finish making the solution we then added 8 milliliters.

the anesthesiologist is innocent!

the amount used during aunt Jills surgery was the perfect amount, not to little not to much. exactly 30% anesthesia was used during the operation. we concluded that Aunt Jill died of natural causes during the operation, she died peacefully.