The Stellar Stylists

Our February Team Sparkle News!

What a great start to 2013!

As a team, we sold over $62,000 in January and $82,000 in February!
We welcomed 13 new team members!

Huge Kudos to the following current Jump Start Earners (and this is only the start - you have many days left to earn much more free jewelry!)

Dayna Ciufo - $1300 (plus Dayna earned the Circle of Success! A gorgeous bracelet is on your way!)
Andrea Sturino $900 (no surprise as Andrea is on Dayna's team!)
Jena Garratt Lam $450
Krissy Pozzer $300
Susan Otten $300
Jen Christmas $150
Reena Jackson $150
Carol Siemiginowski $150

Congrats to all of our Promotions!!

Natalie Assman - Promoted to Senior Stylist!
And look at our newest Lead Stylists!
Ainsley Otten
Ryanne Kwan
Dayna Ciufo

Look at you - how amazing!!

Our Top 10 in Sales for January!

Gabriella Figliano $5,540.00

Beth Tackaberry $5,099.00

virginia gazzola $2,802.00

pina de luca $2,445.00

Pamela Lam $2,390.00

Julie Harris $2,341.00

Madelain Navaleza $2,319.00

Elizabeth Matos $2,063.00

Rebecca Golde $1,922.00


Our Top 10 in Sales for February!

Beth Tackaberry $7,550.00

Madelain Navaleza $3,629.00

virginia gazzola $3,444.00

Liberata Iaboni $3,438.00

Dayna Ciufo $3,149.00

Nikolina Fusco $3,095.00

Andrea Sturino $2,837.00

Gabriella Figliano $2,686.00

Lindsay Doherty $2,534.00

Anne Marie Beattie $2,418.00

Look at everyone who sold over $500 and earned their 5% back in Business Supplies in January!


Morgan Tite $1,747.00

Natalija Assmann $1,670.00

Tara Peyton $1,629.00

Claire Naranjo-Vargas $1,582.00

Lindsay Doherty $1,575.00

Corrie Matthews $1,434.00

Tracy Clemens $1,403.00

Patricia Catton $1,118.00

Tanya Heritage $1,107.00

Anne Marie Beattie $1,013.00

Chantal Wall $1,001.00

Julie Buchwald $933.00

Liberata Iaboni $856.00

Lesley Flaminio $854.00

Ainsley Otten $796.00

Leanne Van Dommelen $785.00

Ryanne Kwan $661.00

Johnica Aherrera $620.00

Chiho Iwata $580.00

Monica Gaudet $578.00

Laura Dal Bo $576.00

Amy Parker $531.00

antonia franzese $523.00

And everyone who earned their Business Supply Credits in February!

Sarah Rankine $2,412.00

Jena Garratt Lam $2,410.00

pina de luca $2,135.00

Claire Naranjo-Vargas $2,127.00

Pamela Lam $1,783.00

Natalija Assmann $1,764.00

Tracy Clemens $1,754.00

Morgan Tite $1,752.00

Christine Stewart $1,546.00

Courtney Lee $1,522.00

Debbie Dang $1,514.00

Christine Wagg-Marwick $1,493.00

Stacey Falbo $1,362.00

Joanne Yo $1,291.00

Reena Jackson $1,276.00

Jasmine Koblik $1,271.00

Katie MacKinnon $1,196.00

Jillian Stone $1,097.00

Julie Buchwald $994.00

Kristyn Pozzer $894.00

Shelly Norton $858.00

Susan Otten $821.00

Laura Bowen $783.00



Jennifer Christman $723.00

Christine Ralph $702.00

Vanessa Bosco $636.00

Rebecca Sandel $618.00

Jenelle Keller $599.00

Heather Connell-Brown $545.00

Lesley Flaminio $535.00

Ryanne Kwan $533.00

Elizabeth Matos $522.00

Sarah Kurmis $509.00

Julie Harris $505.00

Laura Dal Bo $503.00

Machala Billinghay $500.00

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