Ebola awareness in Africa

Ebola and how to prevent to get it.

A couple of good way's to prevent of yourself getting Ebola is to not come in contact with someone who has it or not to become in contact with fluids from the person who has it. A easy and good way to not get it is by staying away from these countries Liberia, Sierra Leone , and Guinea.

What is Ebola and where does it come from, what area's is it affecting.

Ebola is a viral Haemorrhagic fever it is among a bunch of other really deadly fevers and for short it is know as VHF. It originated in Africa and here are some facts and places its in. It is in Sierra Leone, Liberia, and Guinea. those are the countries that are bad to be in that's were the sickness is mostly at and were trying to help it but its not really getting better and it hasn't got any better. Ever sense the Ebola started it has Taken many lives. Most of the people who live there got the disease and it spreads easily so that's why a lot of people have it. Every year a bunch of people die from Ebola in those countries its hard to live and so you can help by donating to the Ebola awareness