6 weeks homework

by angelene martinez


grabs the readers attention right off the bat and makes them want to continue reading more.

Ex. Why is he coming for us? there is so many more people here and he comes for us. jimmy said to lucy to hurry and run inside to lock the doors and hide. they were hiding and lucy said I forgot to lock the doors because I was scared. jimmy then said go and lock it but it was to late he was inside and coming for us!


where the story takes place.

Ex. we were outside looking for the football

rising action

the parts that build towards the highest point in the story.

Ex. john left me by myself and its very scary I feel like someone is watching me come and help me so I can leave

falling action

the parts after the highest point in the story

Ex. so your the one who took the money take him to jail.


the highest point in the story or the most exciting part in the story

Ex. lucy lost her dog she has been looking everywhere she hears a bark and starts to look ...


the end of the story were every thing has been found out.

Ex. we know that you did it just tell us why . tim said its because I wanted to be popular

body paragraph

a body paragraph needs a topic sentence 3 main details and a conclusion sentence.


the end of the story that sums everything up

brain storm

the process of thinking of what you want your story to be about

rough draft

the story that you make and check to see and make sure that its good to be a story in the final draft.

sensory language

takes into consideration of the 5 senses .

discriptive laguage

the language that describes a person place thing or idea

Ex. the sunset filled the sky with deep beautiful colors.