Franklin Academy Pembroke Pines K-8

January 2020 Announcements

Parent Calendar & K-5 Specials Schedule

Winter Break

Our Winter Break continues throughout the New Year, and our offices will be closed on Tuesday, January 1, 2020, in respect of New Year's Day! There will be no school for students until the academic quarter begins on Tuesday, January 7, when classes will resume that day.

MYP Athletics - Volleyball

Our 2029-2020 MYP Volleyball Season began in December 2019, and games will continue to be played in January 2020, by our selected MYP student athletes. All game opponents, dates, locations and times have been posted to our website. Entrance fees may apply at game entrance.

Winter Volleyball Classic

Support our MYP volleyball athletes as they compete with the other Franklin Academy campus' MYP athletes in the Winter Volleyball Classic. The event will be held at our Sunrise Campus on Saturday, January 11! Admission is $3

MYP Athletics- Flag Football

Tryouts for female and male MYP athletes will be held during the second week of January! Dismissal for both tryout events will be from the bus side only. Please see the flyer below for more details. The information has also been posted to our website and shared with our MYP families via SwiftReach messages.
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Outstanding Student Balances

If your child has a fee associated with their account, please make your payment via check or money-order. These payments should be made payable to Franklin Academy. Your child's full name, grade and the fee type should be included in the memo line, e.g. late fee, ID replacement, etc. Any electronic payments should be printed as confirmation of the fee being paid and submitted to the office, to be reflected in the student's account.

2020-2021 Academic Year

For those families that are intending to have their child(ren) return to Franklin Academy for the 2019-2020 school year, the process will begin on Wednesday, January 15, 2020.
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Service Hours

Families can submit their approved off-campus service hour sheet(s) for service hours performed (see the link below for the form.) Forms have to be submitted to the 1st floor office within 30 days of the volunteer completing the task. All service hours performed during Q2 have been applied to the volunteer's Raptor account in real time and will be updated in the Guardian PowerSchool account this month. Families will be notified of the update to their account.

Character Trait - Fairness

Elementary students playing by the rules, taking turns, and sharing with others while being open-minded and listening to others are considered to be displaying the character trait of the month, FAIRNESS. These students think of others, making sure not to take advantage of anyone.

IB Learner Profile Attribute - Open-mindedness

MYP students demonstrating the IB Learner Profile Attribute, OPEN-MINDEDNESS, understand and appreciate their own cultures and personal histories and are open to the perspectives, values and traditions of other individuals and communities. Those students are accustomed to seeking and evaluating a range of points of view and are willing to grow from the experience.

Q2 Report Cards

Families will receive their child's Q2 report card electronically on Tuesday, January 7, 2020.

Please login to your family's PowerSchool account to see up-to-date quiz and test results for your child during the school year.

Rescheduled - Class Picture Day

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Elementary homeroom class pictures have been rescheduled for Monday, January 13. Families can purchase their homeroom class or 8th Grade group picture online, using the link below, or by submitting a check or money-order during the scheduled event.

Box Tops For Education

Submit the form in the embedded link with 10 Box Tops For Education by our Friday, February 7, deadline, and your child will be eligible to 'dress down' appropriately on Friday, February 21.

Q3 Clubs

Our Q3 club registration closed in December, and all registered club members will attend our clubs starting on Monday, January 13, 2020. The last day for clubs in our 3rd quarter is Friday, March 13, 2020.

K-5 students will be dismissed from the bus side as soon as the club ends at 4 pm, and MYP students will be dismissed at 5 pm, unless otherwise stated by the club moderator.

All communication from the club moderators will be received electronically.

NJAHS Induction Ceremony

The National Junior Art Honor Society (NJAHS) was established by the National Art Education Association (NAEA) in 1989 to inspire and recognize students who have demonstrated passion and dedication through their art and community service. Participation in the NJAHS provides students, faculty, school, and community with invaluable benefits—including peer recognition, leadership growth opportunities, college and career preparation, recognition of the art program, and so much more.

In alignment with the NJAHS Constitution, the Franklin Academy NJAHS Chapter identifies our own operating procedures, traditions, and service priorities which highlight the value of the arts as an integral part of our school’s curriculum.

All MYP students that applied for the National Junior Arts Honor Society will be inducted during our very special event ceremony on January 14, 2020 at 6 pm.

Square 1 Art

Click on the link provided to make your purchase(s) of your child's unique artwork.

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