Top 10 Things

You Should Know About Miss Loose

1. The first book I read was Ann Likes Red. "Ann likes red. Red. Red. Red. Ann has red shoes. Ann has a red hat. Red. Red. Red. Ann likes red." (Give me a break; it was kindergarten!)
2. There are books in my bed. There are books beside my bed. I have a huge bookshelf in my bedroom that is filled. I have a bookshelf downstairs that is filled. I still have books at my dad's house!
3. My ideal day would include a beach chair, coffee, and lots of books. OK, and maybe my dog.
4. I belonged to a book club for about 5 years.
5. I got in trouble in elementary school for reading a book inside my desk instead of paying attention to the teacher. Library was also my favorite special and I wanted to try to read every book in my elementary school library.
6. Sometimes I'm stubborn about what I read. I do not like fantasy or adventure books, but I love cowboy books, thanks to my dad.
7. One of my favorite gifts ever was from my aunt. It was an "Itty Bitty Book Light" that I could clip on to my book and read at night when the lights were out.
8. In the summer I take lots of books out of the library. I am not very good at returning books on time. (Don't tell Mrs. Forney.) I also buy way too many books.
9. If I find an author that I like I usually end up reading everything they have written.
10. Favorite kid's books: Charlotte's Web, Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane, Shiloh, Best School Year Ever, Best Christmas Pageant Ever, Tales of a 4th Grade Nothing, Skippy John Jones books, Paper Bag Princess, and all the Little House on the Prairie books.

Now it is your turn...

Tell me about your life as a reader.