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Monday Memo #16

Rising to the Challenge

Dear T.E.A.M. :

Last week was a special week for our students and middle school community. Each day represented a unique and important aspect of what it means for our students to have a well-rounded middle level education. On several occasions this week, we welcomed our families into the building, and they accepted our invitations. Our students immersed themselves in 21st Century Learning through our school-wide Hour of Code Kickoff event. A group of student leaders and teachers learned alongside one another, with Dr. Nancy Doda, who is an International expert on Middle Level Education, discussing what it means to have Powerful Learning Experiences. And our middle school students and Honors Band members were featured at this month's Flag Ceremony honoring local veteran Mr. Norman Friedman. Then, on Friday afternoon, we closed out our week of learning by recognizing 20 amazing middle school students for their leadership, in and out of the classroom, with our first-ever Rising to the Challenge recognition ceremony. It's amazing that all of this happened right on our campus!

For those of you who joined us on Friday afternoon, thank you for being part of our first-ever Rising to the Challenge event. For anyone who may have missed it, we encourage you to read more about why we are celebrating our middle school students each quarter who are Rising to the Challenge.

Read more, by clicking on the following link:

http://www.hbschools.us/Assets/Middle_School_Documents/Rising_to_the_Challenge_Q1_2015.pdf?t=635854304407670000 .

Thank you for joining us, and following our students' lead, in Rising to the Challenge to find personal success in middle school each and every day. And thank you for your dedication to our students and our middle school program.



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