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Weekly Newsletter - September 23, 2019

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Positive and Connected Cultures

See the video below for some inspiration on the importance of building positive relationships. Every moment with a child counts!!! Thank you for remembering that every day!!
Texas school bus driver gives more than just a ride

Updates and Information

Important Links:

  • All the required ROCK Training PowerPoint have been posted to the Student Services Site under ROCK and training. All teacher, student, and staff training must be completed by Oct. 25, 2019. Click here to access all the pieces of training and the attestation form

Upcoming Dates

  • September 25th - The Discipline-Attendance Cross Check should be completed for events that occurred during the first six weeks of school.
  • September 26th from 2:15 to 4:15: If you are a new AP and you missed the first day of AP Onboarding, please plan to attend this training. Workshop Link: #40862 - HR Conf. Room. Please use the link to sign up.
  • September 27 is the end of School-Start window for 7-12 grade campuses. Students who were coded as a dropout (98) for 2018-2019 must be enrolled in another educational setting by this date otherwise they will be counted as a dropout against your campus for accountability.

  • AP Meetings - October 2nd and 3rd (Please bring your Discipline Book for updates)

  • Oct. 7th 1:00- 4:00: Discipline Referral, DAEP Placement Do’s and Don’ts and Legal Department Orientation. (if you attending the Sept. 9th training then disregard this training) This is required training for all new AP’s and is an optional training for existing AP’s. Both topics will be covered on October 7th. Oct. 7 Link

More Professional Development for You!

As a school leader, it is up to you to ensure that your staff contributes to the development of your school's core beliefs, values, and guiding principles. Mr. Kafele says that when we zero in on who we are and what we believe, we provide some missing context for our discussions on student achievement. Question 5: Do I ensure that my staff contributes to the development of our school's core beliefs, values, and guiding principles?

Click on the following link to give your input:

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