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Conscious Discipline

The Child Development Centers practice Conscious Discipline which means our goal is to meet all of your child's needs, from academic learning to social-emotional growth. Another area other than safety (last month's focus) we focus on to accomplish this goal is Connection.

Connection: Research shows that our connections with other people develop neural connections inside our brain. The neural connections of the brain are essential to learning. In our schools, we develop these connections by building a compassionate group of learners called a "School Family". This connection provides the internal motivation to cooperate, extend helpfulness to others and learn new social skills. In our School Family, this connection motivation replaces the need for external rewards like stickers and other treats.

Each year brings wonderful new opportunities for our children to grow and learn, and Conscious Discipline provides us with proven ways to increase every child's learning potential.

Literacy Events

Each year we provide a literacy event at each of our centers for children and their families. NW Crescent held theirs on October 13 and the rest will host theirs in November and December.

Be sure to join us if you can make it as well as take part in some fun videos, activities and books to read that we will send home from these events.

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